rtMedia Pro Bundle Documentation

rtMedia Pro bundle contains 35 premium addons. You can purchase this bundle from the rtCamp Store. Links to the addons docs are given below:

rtMedia Addons

  1. rtMedia myCRED – Points management system for media activity by rtMedia
  2. rtMedia Playlists addon – Group audio files into playlists.
  3. rtMEdia Favorites addon– Users can create their list of favorite media (FavList) in which they can add media previously uploaded by any user.
  4. rtMedia Moderation – Report media to be moderate by site admin.
  5. rtMedia Custom Attributes – User can assign attributes to media to filter them.
  6. rtMedia Docs and Other files – Allow users to upload document types as well as other ( user specified extension files ) files from media tab.
  7. rtMedia Default Albums – Set a global album as the default album for uploads across your site.
  8. rtMedia Podcast (RSS and Atom feeds) – Consume rtMedia uploads from iTunes as well as any feed-reader/podcasting software.
  9. rtMedia Restrictions – Admins can set an upload limit on the basis of time and size.
  10. rtMedia bbPress Attachments – Users can attach files to bbPress topics and replies.
  11. rtMedia WordPress Sitewide Gallery – Site admins and editors can create and uplaod media into WordPress album.
  12. rtMedia WordPress Comment Attachment
  13. rtMedia Social Sharing – Installs rtSocial share buttons, which will be displayed on single media view.
  14. rtMedia Sidebar Widgets – Allows a user to create a sidebar gallery.
  15. rtMedia 5 Star Ratings – Site users can leave their feedback on media or other files in the form of star ratings.
  16. rtMedia Edit Mp3 Info (ID3 Tags) – Displays Mp3 info.
  17. rtMedia Sorting – Sort media in ascending or descending.
  18. rtMedia Bulk Edit – Edit/ Delete/ Move media in bulk.
  19. rtMedia BuddyPress Profile Picture – Any image can be set as a profile picture in BuddyPress or WordPress.
  20. rtMedia Album Cover Art – An image can be set as an album cover in BuddyPress profile or group albums.
  21. rtMedia Direct Downloads Link – To download a media or any other file.
  22. rtMedia Upload by URL – Upload media by providing the URL for the media.
  23. rtMedia Likes – Enable media like feature for all the uploaded photos, audio, video files.
  24. rtMedia Activity URL Preview – Provides a preview of the URL that is shared and shows up on BuddyPress activity.
  25. rtMedia View Counter – Display the number of times a media item has been viewed.
  26. rtMedia shortcode generator – Site administrators can quickly create gallery and uploader shortcodes by using the shortcode generator button in WordPress’ post editor.
  27. rtMedia Album Privacy – Users can set privacy to the albums.
  28. rtMedia BuddyPress Group Media Control – Allow group owner to provide media upload feature for their group.
  29. rtMedia Set Custom Thumbnails – Allows media owner to upload a custom image as a thumbnail for audio, video, playlist and favlist.
  30. rtMedia Photo Watermark
  31. rtMedia Photo Filters
  32. rtMedia Photo Tagging
  33. rtMedia Membership
  34. rtMedia Social Sync
  35. rtMedia SEO