How to setup and use the rtMedia Watermark

As the name suggests, this feature adds watermarking functionality to the images being uploaded using the rtMedia plugin itself.

You need to have ImageMagick installed on your server for this feature to work. The installation instructions for ImageMagick can be found in PHP’s official manual here and on ImageMagick’s official website here.


Follow these simple steps to get your watermark running.

  1. Once you complete the purchase, you will get a download link for rtMedia Premium zip in your email inbox.
  2. After installing the rtMedia Premium and activate the plugin by configuring the license key received in email.
  3. Set the Watermark options under rtMedia -> Settings.

How do I check if ImageMagick is Installed on my Server?

Go to rtMedia’s support tab (rtMedia -> Settings -> Support > Debug Info). You would see one of the following:

ImageMagick is not installed

ImageMagick is installed


You can:

  • Choose the watermark text font from hundreds of font- families
  • Change size, color and position for the watermark text
  • Save original image

rtMedia Photo Watermark settings:


Font Family used from Google Fonts –


You can try out a live demo here: Upload an image under your profile using rtMedia uploader and see the watermark text on that image 🙂