Support Policy

This support policy lays out what support you can expect from the rtMedia Support team for products purchased from the rtMedia Store.

We provide support only through our Premium Support channel and Community Forum.

Premium Support

Our Premium support is our personalized support channel that is available only to users who have a valid license key for one of our Premium products.

All our Premium support is provided via and managed through our Helpdesk. As such, we do not use email, social media, chat and other medium (like Skype, Slack) to provide support.

How to create a Support Ticket

To initiate a Premium Support request, you will need to create a Helpdesk support ticket. You can do so from or from rtMedia > Support in the backend of your website. We will only provide support if your request falls within our Scope of Support.

Privacy notice

During the course of resolving a support request, we might require you to provide us with your wp-admin login details. We will only request these credentials if they are absolutely needed for us to assist you. We might also require you to disable any 3rd-party products installed alongside our our products to troubleshoot any potential issues.

All Helpdesk tickets and any information you share with us through these tickets are confidential. Only you and our support team have access to Helpdesk tickets, as described in our Privacy Policy.

Scope of Support

The rtMedia support team will provide support only for products & services available in the rtMedia Product Store. A valid license key is a prerequisite to avail our Premium Support for any product.

What our service covers

Our Support service includes assistance with product installation & configuration. We are also available to address any doubts that might arise with regards to our products’ settings & features.

What our service does not cover

Our Support service does not cover any 3rd-party products or services. The WordPress plugin ecosystem is such that we cannot predict compatibility with other products or service and thus do not usually guarantee it. In the case of a compatibility issue, we will try our best to point you in the right direction, but we cannot guarantee support.

Turnaround time

The rtMedia Support team is available during normal working hours (10:00am – 7:00pm IST) from Monday to Friday. You can expect us to get back to you within 24 hours of sending sending in your support request. However, in extreme cases, we can take up to 48 hours to get back to you.

Technical support

As a rule of thumb, we do not provide custom code as part of our support. However, if we deem your requirement to be in line with our vision of the product, we might provide you with a snippet to point you in the right direction. Our library of documentation is a great place to start for information about any of our Premium products.

Community Forums

The rtMedia Community forum is intended to be a place where rtMedia users support one another. Being community-driven, the rtMedia support team is not actively committed to providing support on these forums.

Support requests for any of our Premium addons should only be directed to us from the Premium support channel.

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