How to install and use the rtMedia Social Sharing Add-on

Enable rtSocial sharing feature

The site admin first needs to enable the Enable rtSocial share buttons option from Display tab under rtMedia admin settings.


Enabling this will install rtSocial share buttons, which will be displayed on single media view.


You can also modify settings for the buttons by clicking manage rtSocial options.

For more details on rtSocial, Please read document here


  • rtmedia_pro_pinterest_thumb_size

    Use this filter to set a custom Pinterest image size

    add_filter( 'rtmedia_pro_pinterest_thumb_size', 'rtmedia_pro_pinterest_thumb_size_callback', 10, 1 );
    function rtmedia_pro_pinterest_thumb_size_callback( $size ){
    	return 'thumbnails';
  • rtm_facebook_media_metadata

    Use this filter to set a custom title of media that are being share in facebook

    add_filter( 'rtm_facebook_media_metadata', 'rtm_facebook_media_metadata_callback', 10, 2 );
    function rtm_facebook_media_metadata_callback( $media_data, $media_id ){
    	$media_data[ 'title' ] = "rtMedia";
    	return $media_data;
  • rtm_facebook_media_width

    Use this filter to set a custom Facebook image width

    add_filter( 'rtm_facebook_media_width', 'rtm_facebook_media_width_callback', 10, 1 );
    function rtm_facebook_media_width_callback( $width ){
    	return '500';
  • rtm_facebook_media_height

    Use this filter to set a custom Facebook image height

    add_filter( 'rtm_facebook_media_height', 'rtm_facebook_media_height_callback', 10, 1 );
    function rtm_facebook_media_height_callback( $height ){
    	return '500';


Many users face Facebook share issue of wrongly shared photos.

The post image depends on an og:image meta property entry into the head of the page.
If there are no image with :og property then it will scan the page source for all images present on the page and will pick up the first image it gets from the page. If there is not any image exist then there will not be any image in the post.

You can try to debug the same using the facebook debug tool:

We suggest WordPress SEO plugin to make it more SEO friendly.

Here is the reference Link of WordPRess SEO plugin:

rtMedia supports WordPress SEO plugin and works completely fine with it.