About rtMedia

What is rtMedia?

rtMedia is an open-source WordPress plugin, created in 2009. The plugin enhances the social experience on BuddyPress, bbPress and WordPress websites by providing media upload & management features.

The rtMedia plugin, with its core set of features, is a completely free download from the WordPress plugin directory. Its functionality can be further extended with 40+ addons available in the store.

rtMedia currently runs on over 20,000 BuddyPress-enabled websites and has a thriving community with thousands of registered users.

Plugin code can be found on its Github repository.

About us

rtCamp is a leading WordPress based consultation and products agency. It specializes in enterprise-level WordPress content management and e-Commerce solutions. rtCamp is a WordPress.com VIP Service Partner.

With a team of over 50 employees, rtCamp has been an active contributor in the WordPress and open-source community since its inception.