rtMedia Activity URL Preview

How it works

This addon provides a preview of the URL that is shared and shows up on BuddyPress activity. Just enter the URL you want to share on BuddyPress activity and see a preview of it before it is shared.




Twitter Cards Support

From version 2.0, twitter card support has been implemented.

Whenever the user adds twitter status URL in buddyPress activity/wall posts, it will display that tweet.

For Example:

Use this status post URL from twitter in activity box https://twitter.com/rtMediaWP/status/745245021910274049

It will display like below screenshot:


Also user can share their twitter timelines and moments.



  • rtmedia_urls_preview_not_allow

    Use this filter to limit the urls preview.
    For example, the snippet below will limit the vimeo websites url previews.

    add_filter( 'rtmedia_urls_preview_not_allow', 'rtmedia_urls_preview_not_allow_callback', 10, 1 );
    function rtmedia_urls_preview_not_allow_callback( $urls_preview_not_allow ) {
    	$urls_preview_not_allow = array( 'vimeo.com', 'www.vimeo.com' );
    	return $urls_preview_not_allow;