How to allow BuddyPress members to tag their friends in photos

Nowadays, a lot of people are leveraging BuddyPress to build social networking websites on WordPress. It’s mainly because of the extensible nature of WordPress and it’s easy integration with third party services.

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When you visit any social networking website, what usually comes across your mind?

Is it the endless scrolling of your newsfeed? Getting tons of notifications? or the happy memories that you had with your friends?

You ought to stumble upon those pictures that signify a shared memory with friends, families and your loved ones.

But what good is a picture if you haven’t tagged them on it!

BuddyPress doesn’t come with support for photo tagging out of the box. But you needn’t worry about that – we have got you covered.

In this article, we will be showing you how to add the photo tagging feature to your BuddyPress social network or community website.

How to add photo tagging support to BuddyPress

Time needed: 15 minutes

Now, follow the below instructions to set up photo tagging on your BuddyPress site.

  1. Install rtMedia

    Install and activate the rtMedia plugin on your site by going to the Plugins → Add New section and searching for rtMedia.install and activate rtmedia plugin

  2. Install rtMedia Photo Tagging add-on

    Buy the rtMedia Photo Tagging add-on from our store and upload it to your website manually.rtmedia buddypress photo tagging addon

  3. Enter license key

    Go to the rtMedia Licenses page, enter your license key, and save the changes to receive add-on updates directly on your site.rtmedia buddypress photo tagging addon license activation

That’s it, you have now enabled photo tagging on your WordPress site.

NOTE – You need to have the BuddyPress Friend Connections component enabled on your site for this add-on to work. It has been designed this way so that members are restricted to tagging only their friends and not strangers on your website.

Take BuddyPress photos further

Apart from adding this essential feature to your social networking website, you can also up your photos game using rtMedia Photo Filters. As the name suggests, it allows BuddyPress site members to apply Instagram-like photo filters to their images after uploading them on your site. And if you need to watermark them, we have got rtMedia Photo Watermark for you. 😃

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