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rtMedia Photo Tagging addon

rtMedia Photo Tagging

rtMedia Photo Tagging add-on lets your users tag themselves and their friends on each others’ photos. It turns your buddyPress powered community website into a superior social experience!

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rtMedia Photo Tagging add-on enables tagging users in photos uploaded with rtMedia.Users can tag themselves or their friends on their own or friends photos.If you are using rtMedia uploader for BuddyPress group, this plugin does not allow friends tagging on those group media.


This product comes with guaranteed-update.

  1. You can use this add-on on any number of sites.
  2. Price includes 1 year of support forum. Support will be provided for 1 site only.
  3. Price includes 1 year of free updates. If you do not receive any update within 1 year form the date of your purchase, your license will be extended to cover next upgrade for free of cost.
  4. This product is configured to automatically update itself. As of now no activation key is required to get future updates.

If you have questions, feel free to ask us.

Please follow these simple steps to get your Photo Tagging add-on running.

  1. Download rtMedia Photo Tagging plugin from your My Account Section.
  2. Go to Plugins > Add New > Upload. Please select the bpm-photo-tagging.zip file from your computer and click upload.
  3. Activate it through the ‘Plugins’ section.
  4. Done. Your users will now be able to tag photos.
  1. Why do I need this add-on?
  2. Where are the settings for this addon?
  3. How does the tagging work?
  4. Will a user who is tagged, receive a notification?
  5. Can a user turn off the notifications?
  6. Does this work on Groups?
  7. Is the current plugin version Translation-ready?
  8. I want to report a bug/request a feature?
  9. How long will I be eligible for upgrades?

Q. Why do I need this add-on?

The Photo Tagging Addon lets your users tag themselves and their friends on photos. Once tagged, a user will receive a BuddyPress notification. Your users will get to interact more with each other and your site as well.

Q. Where are the settings for this add-on?

There are no settings. rtMedia Photo Tagging add-on is a true plug-n-play addon. Just install it. Your users can start tagging right away!

Q. How does the tagging work?

A user browses to a photo. If it has been uploaded by himself or by a friend, they get an option to tag it. Users can only tag themselves and their friends.

Q. Will users who are tagged receive a notification?

Yes, they will. They will see a standard BuddyPress notification (in the admin bar). Also, unless a user turns it off in the notification settings, they will also receive an email.

Q. Can a user turn off notifications?

Yes, they can. This is just like any other notification. It will appear in the Notifications settings area on the user’s profile.

Q. Does this work on Groups?

Yes, starting version 2.4, tagging in Groups is supported.

Q. Is the current plugin version translation-ready?

Yes, it is translation ready. The .po and .mo files are included.

Q. I want to report a bug/request a feature?

Please feel free to use our support forum to report any bugs or request a feature.

Q. How long will I be eligible for upgrades?

We will provide upgrades up to one year from your date of purchase. Back to top ↑

Version 2.4.1 Jan 18, 2017


  • Improved search results for tagging friends


  • JavaScript event variable issue

Version 2.4 Dec 16, 2016

New Features

  • Added : Photo tagging for BuddyPress group media


  • Improved photo tagging process. No need to reload page for tagname to appear
  • Updated the license activation classes
  • Added profile picture with username when user is tagged
  • Improved photo tagging UI


  • z-index issue with photo tagging UI
  • Down arrow key adding HTML while tagging
= 2.3.1-Jun 07, 2016 =
  • Delete notification with media delete
  • Added GPLv2 or Later License explicitly
  • Updated EDD License library
= 2.3-Aug 18, 2015 =
  • Add a list of tagged user on photo information lightbox
  • Media author and tagged person can remove tag now
  • Fix CSS issue
  • Added new hooks and filter
= 2.2.14-May 11, 2015 =
  • Updated admin options UI
= 2.2.13-Apr 27, 2015 =
  • Fix plugin update
= 2.2.12-Apr 21, 2015 =
  • Fix possible XSS vulnerability
= 2.2.11-Apr 07, 2015 =
  • Fix plugin slug
= 2.2.9-Jan 07, 2015 =
  • Fix upload folder & plugin URI
= 2.2.8-Oct 09, 2014 =
  • Fix form submit button name
= 2.2.7-Oct 09, 2014 =
  • Licensing

Read about setting and other details for this plugin in documents