rtMedia Premium Addon Updates- March 2017

Howdy! This month brings updates for four of our Premium products- rtMedia Likes, Custom Attributes, WordPress Comment Attachments and InspireBook.

rtMedia Likes addon now provides a way to add liked Comment Media to the “Likes” tab in every user’s profile.

rtMedia Likes addon Screenshot BuddyPress media

With the rtMedia WordPress Comment Attachments addon, you users can add media to comments under Posts. In this update, we have reworked the display size of the media to help them stand out a bit more. We have also added a few more actions so that you can customize the plugin to your needs.

If you are building a WordPress social media experience, be sure to check out InspireBook. This theme integrates with rtMedia and rtAmazon S3 for a customizable user experience that scales well. This update adds a filter to serve user profile cover images from your Amazon S3 bucket.

Do check out the full changelogs below. You can reach out to us via our support channels, Twitter or the comments below if you need any assistance!

rtMedia Likes

Version 1.3.2 Mar 2, 2017


  • Compatibility issue with PHP versions prior to 5.5
Version 1.3.1 Feb 28, 2017


  • Added: Filter to include media added as comment in “Likes” tab under user profile [Doc]


  • Pagination issue in likes tab under user profile.
  • Remove media added as comment from likes tab under user profile.
  • Remove rtMedia admin setting header USERs LIKE PAGE and add into rtMedia plugin version 4.3.

rtMedia Custom Attributes

Version 1.2.3 Mar 15, 2017


  • Added: Prevention to add attributes to media(which are added as comment) while editing.
  • Most commented sorting issue with attribute shortcode.

rtMedia WordPress Comment Attachments

Version 1.2.3 Mar 16, 2017


  • Uploaded media will now display in “Medium” size instead of “Thumbnail” (rtMedia Settings > Media Sizes). A custom size can be specified using a new Filter [Doc]
  • Added: Filter to allow modification of the HTML content of attachment before it is rendered [Doc]
  • Added: Filter to allow / disallow uploader under WordPress comment attachments [Doc]
  • Added: Filter to disallow uploader with a message [Doc]
  • Added: Action which can be called before attaching media to comment [Doc]
  • Added: Action which can be called once media has been attached [Doc]
  • Updated the EDD license


  • Typo related to file size under rtMedia file uploader


Version 1.2.28 Mar 22, 2017


  • Added: Filter to get the cover image from Amazon S3 bucket [Doc]
  • Updated: Parameters of BP action [ xprofile_avatar_uploaded ] as per the BuddyPress 2.8 update for BP profile picture


  • rtMedia privacy button issue on BP activity
  • UI issue under media Edit page
  • UI of album dropdown for long album names
  • Alignment issue betweeen privacy icon and uploaded DateTime text under lightbox
  • Navigation menu UI for long menu item names and prevented them from being cropped
  • UI issue of sorting tabs under BP Groups Widget
  • Missing stylesheet notice for bbPress stylesheet

How do I update?

Update any rtMedia addon from the WordPress backend on a website that has an active license key. Alternatively, you can download the latest zip file from your Account Page.

If you are looking to purchase any of our 40+ premium addons & themes, please head over to our Product Store. Every product comes with 1 year of guaranteed updates and access to our Premium Support channel.

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