InspireBook for rtMedia & BuddyPress


InspireBook is a Premium WordPress theme, designed especially for BuddyPress and rtMedia powered social networks.

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Billed once per year until cancelled

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InspireBook is a responsive theme designed with BuddyPress and rtMedia powered social networks in mind.

Added rtMedia-only features

Inspirebook provides features specially designed to expand the social experience of the rtMedia plugin.

When installed along side rtMedia, InspireBook allows your users to directly change their Profile Pictures and Cover Photos by hovering over them, similar to Facebook. This also works for BuddyPress groups.

These features cannot be delivered by the rtMedia plugin alone.
Cover Photo Feature rtMedia BuddyPress

Responsive (mobile-first design)

We all use social networks from mobile devices. Increase your community’s user-engagement with InpsireBook’s out of the box responsive design.

InspireBook is compatible with all major browsers & across devices with varying screen sizes.

Responsive & Browser Support

Other Features

  • SEO Optimized (tested with WordPress-SEO by Yoast)
  • BuddyPress compatible
  • Uses font-icons for faster page loading
  • Translation Ready (.pot file available)
  • Several Theme Options
  • Cross Browser Support
  • Full width template support (useful for creating rtMedia gallery)
  • Widget Ready (WordPress Default Widgets, rtMedia sidebar widgets and free rtWidget pack support)

Developer Friendly

InspireBook is built with HTML5, CSS3, Foundation 5, Grunt and Bower.

You can refer documentation, or contact us on our support forum for any coding related query.

Please note that developer support includes guidance only. We may not provide code snippets, free customizations or debug your local customization as part of developer support.

We urge you to visit live demo site. If you have any questions about demo site or a feature, feel free to post them in our pre-sales support forum. As always, we offer a 30-days refund policy just in case things don’t work out! 🙂

  1. What is included with InspireBook?
  2. What is not included with InspireBook?
  3. Does my purchase include rtMedia-PRO Bundle or any rtMedia addon?
  4. How do I get PSD?
  5. Is this theme translation ready? Can I use it in my country Language?
  6. Do I get further theme updates?
  7. Do I need special software or system requirements to use your theme?
  8. Do you have any special license for Developer?
  9. Can I use InspireBook for clients?
  10. Do you provide theme customization?
  11. Are the customization services provided by the same team on the premium theme support forums?
  12. What plugins are InspireBook compatible with?

Q. What is included with InspireBook?

When you purchase InspireBook, you will be entitled to the following:

  • Free updates and support for 1 year, for 1 site. With the automatic update feature, your updating will be as easy as it should be!
    After 1 year, you can renew your license key to continue receiving updates.
  • Inspirebook Child theme: If you are a developer, you can add your own features & function to the child theme, as per your needs.
  • As this is theme is developed by rtCamp, you can hire us for theme customization. This is not something we offer for third-party themes as a matter of policy. (Reference: Why we recommend working from scratch)

Q. What is not included with InspireBook?

  • No PSD: This theme is a “work of fiction” by Sagar Jadhav and other rtCampers. A PSD was never created, so it cannot be provided.
    A little trivia: We initially created this theme for only for our intranet, with improvements/features based on our own developers feedback.
  • No Templates/Shortcodes/Page Builder: InspireBook does not have any feature to create landing pages. If you require shortcodes, we suggest you use rtMedia alongside InspireBook.

Q. Does my purchase include rtMedia-PRO Bundle or any rtMedia addon?

No, all premium rtMedia addons need to be purchased separately. InspireBook is an independent product that can be used with or without rtMedia (or even BuddyPress for that matter).
However, as this theme is developed by the same geeks who develop rtMedia, this theme will have the best compatibility with rtMedia and its addons.

Q. How do I get PSD?

Sorry, we cannot provide a PSD, as this was never created. As mentioned earlier, InspireBook was created for our intranet, with inputs given by only our developers. Thus, creating a PSD was not a priority.

Q. Is this theme translation ready? Can I use it in my country Language?

Yes, InspireBook is translation ready. You can contribute to its translation from our translation portal.
In addition, InspireBook is fully compatible with the WPML plugin.

Q. Do I get further theme updates?

InspireBook has automatic upgrade support. This means that you will get free updates for 1 year right on your WordPress Dashboard. If your license key is expires, you will not receive any further updates unless you renew your license. You will be eligible for a 50% discount when renewing your license.

Q. Do I need special software or system requirements to use your theme?

None. If you are running a self-hosted WordPress site where you are allowed to upload your own themes and plugins, you are good to go!
If you’d like a host that completely manages your WordPress and InspireBook theme installation for you, you can try our managed hosting service.

Q. Do you have any special license for Developer?

We do not have a different license for Developers.
Please note that we do not provide any free customization or code snippet support with the purchase of InspireBook. However, we try to support developers by providing as much support as we can.

Q. Can I use InspireBook for clients?

Absolutely. You are welcome to use our themes to develop full websites that can be sold. We do not restrict the use of our themes to turnkey sites.
However, the buyer of the custom site you build with InspireBook will not have access to our customer portal, unless they purchase directly from us.

Q. Do you provide theme customization?

Clients requiring extensive customization or large-scale development efforts should submit a customization request along with detailed requirements for a quote. All customization requests are individually reviewed and analyzed on a case-by-case basis.
Please submit detailed requirements for a more accurate quote.

Q. Are the customization services provided by the same team on the premium theme support forums?

Yes. Our services are offered to you directly, and you will deal with us directly.

Q. What plugins are InspireBook compatible with?

Please consult the “Plugins” tab on this page to see the list of compatible plugins.

Still have questions? No worries. Contact us here, we’re happy to help!

Following are some basic steps to install InspireBook. Depending on your setup, you might need a more custom installation.

  1. Download InspireBook from My Account Section
  2. Go to WordPress site dashboard and navigate to Appearance > Themes > Add New > Upload.
  3. Select the file from your computer and click upload.
  4. Activate the Theme from the theme page.

Learn more about InspireBook from our documentation page.

Here are the plugins supported by InspireBook:

  • rtMedia
  • BuddyPress
  • bbPress
  • rtMedia premium addons
  • WPML
  • WooCommerce
  • Gravity Forms
  • Ninja Forms
  • Contact Form 7
  • WordPress SEO by Yoast
  • JetPack
  • Yet Another Related Post Plugin
  • rtWidgets
  • Subscribe to Comment Reloaded

rtMedia and BuddyPress dependent plugins,

  • rtMedia Watermark
  • rtMedia Photo Tagging
  • rtMedia Instagram
Version 1.4.1, February 24, 2022
  • Issue related to BuddyPress Activity and Group page with BuddyPress backdated versions.
Version 1.4.0, February 15, 2022
  • Compatible with WordPress v5.9
  • Compatible with the latest version of BuddyPress v10.0.0 Nouveau Template
New Feature
  • Implementation of new Activity Feed Appearance of BuddyPress groups
  • UI/UX Issues
  • Issues with existing Legacy Template
  • Design Issue with WooCommerce
  • Some Responsive Issues
Version 1.3.6, January 17, 2022
  • Compatible with WordPress v5.8.2
  • Infinite Scroll Setting [JetPack]
  • UI/UX Issues
  • Incorrect Linking Issue with Nouveau & Legacy Template 
  • Post Update Issue with  Nouveau & Legacy Template
  • Slider Issue
  • Undefined Variable as argument issue
  • Nouveau Template Issues(not fully compatible)
Version 1.3.5, October 11, 2021
  • Compatible with WordPress v5.8.1
  • PHPCS compatibility
  • UI/UX issues
  • Stretched image uploads issue
  • Escaping issues
  • Export data menu in BuddyPress settings
  • Notices and Warnings
Version 1.3.3, December 20, 2018
  • UI issues on Media pages related to rtMedia plugin
  • UI issues on different BuddyPress component pages
  • UI issues with responsive layout
  • UI issues with different rtMedia addons
Version 1.3.2, Aug 2, 2018
  • Replaced InspireBook Cover image with the default BuddyPress Cover Images [ Doc ]
  • Replaced InspireBook Profile Photo with the default BuddyPress Profile Photo[ Doc ]
  • UI issues on Media pages related to rtMedia plugin
  • UI issues on different BuddyPress component pages
Version 1.3.1, June 18, 2018
  • Improved responsive UI
  • Updated EDD License library
  • Minor UI issues on registration page
Version 1.3.0, June 5, 2018
  • Improved the Homepage template design
  • Updated BuddyPress templates for version 3.0.0
  • Mozilla UI issue for BuddyPress activity load
Version 1.2.30, January 23, 2018
New Features Enhancements
  • Improved mobile markup for BuddyPress menus
  • Custom CSS load issue under InspireBook admin settings
  • Minor UI issues
  • Display behavior of media title for rtMedia shortcodes while using media_title=true parameter
  • Video width issue using the Gutenberg video block
Version 1.2.29, June 28, 2017
  • Added BuddyPress menu icons in primary menu
  • Updated titan Framework
  • Updated the Message template of BuddyPress
  • UI issue of sorting tabs under BP Groups Widgets for smaller screen
  • UI of search box under media gallery
  • Alignment issue of the close button in lightbox
  • UI issue of menu under member page

Version 1.2.28 Mar 22, 2017


  • Added: Filter to get the cover image from amazon s3 bucket [ Doc ]
  • Updated: Parameters of BP action [ xprofile_avatar_uploaded ] as per the BuddyPress 2.8 update for BP profile picture


  • rtMedia privacy button issue on BP activity
  • UI issue under media edit page
  • UI of album dropdown for long album names
  • Alignment issue betweeen privacy icon and uploaded DateTime text under lightbox
  • Navigation menu UI for long menu item names and prevented them from being cropped
  • UI issue of sorting tabs under BP Groups Widget
  • Missing stylesheet notice for bbPress stylesheet
= Version 1.2.27 = 21 October 2016
  • Fix: Author URL and date for blog posts
= Version 1.2.26 = 20 October 2016
  • Fixed: Pages will now display in full width if no sidebar widgets are defined
  • Fixed: Removed default sidebar text
  • Added: Option to turn Homepage Sidebar ON/OFF
  • Added: Option to toggle the primary menu via a hamburger menu icon
  • Added: \"Back to Top\" button
  • Added: Search box in header for mobile layout
  • Updated: Buddypress template to version 2.7.0
= Version 1.2.25 = 4 August 2016
  • Added: Option to collapse menu ON/OFF
  • Fixed: Desktop browser issue
  • Fixed: Main navigation style
  • Fixed: Button color for every color palette
  • Fixed: Mobile style
  • Updated: Common page navigation style
= Version 1.2.24 = 18 March 2016
  • Solved BuddyPress upload cover photo issue.
  • Align media tabs and add active color.
  • Updated style of forum for mobile.
= Version 1.2.23 = 1 March 2016
    • Solved sidebar tab issue.
    • In slider setting changed text from \"upload more images\" to \"Add new slide\".
    • Mobile style changes fixes.
    • Fixed backend logo and favion settings.
    • Fixed slider issue on mobile.
    • Solved buddypress setting for cover image for group and member.
    • Fixed Mesonry first delete issue.
    • Style footer widgets.
    • Fixed comment reply hide issue.
= Version 1.2.22 = 26 Nov 2015
  • Update: BuddyPress 2.4.0 compatible
= Version 1.2.21 = 29 Sep 2015
  • Update: On mobile device, hide sidebar if auto load activity enabled
  • Fixed: Mesonry layout issue on mobile device
= Version 1.2.20 = 23 Jul 2015
  • Fixed: Tag photo button and load more button fixes.
  • Fixed: Added missing text domain.
  • Fixed: Fixed load more button width issue.
= Version 1.2.19 = 16 Jul 2015
  • Fixed: Mobile device UI
  • Fixed: Upload profile picture from mobile device
  • Fixed: Comments issue
  • Fixed: Profile Visibility missing settings
  • Fixed: Minor bugs related to UI
= Version 1.2.18 = 18 June 2015
  • Added: conditions for the visibility of members, groups and blog sections.
  • Removed: condition for blog visibility because it was moved to template-home.php file
  • Fixed: Option was saving on each page, and even if there was no option left in the slider
  • Fixed: After deleting the Option, the fields was just being hidden, which was causing the options to save, if even they were not visible.
= 1.2.17 = 11 June 2015
  • Added: home page template, added options.
  • Added: starred star feature as introduced in BuddyPress 2.3.
  • Added: Added Support for BuddyPress Global Search and fixed responsive UI issues.
  • Removed: Hiding the admin bar from Inspirebook settings since wordpress already has it in \'You Profile\' section
  • Fixed: few more UI issues.
  • Fixed: Fixed Video gallery overflowing issue.
= 1.2.16 - 26 May 2015 =
  • Fixed: Media upload button issue in mobile.
  • Fixed: Light-box style issue.
  • Fixed: Notifications drop-down issue.
= 1.2.15 - 18 May 2015 =
  • Update styles with rtMedia 3.8
  • Removed rtMedia templates.
  • Fixed avatar responsive issue
= 1.2.14 - 22 April 2015 =
  • added hooks in login form widget
  • Security issue fixed: add_query_arg() and remove_query_arg() usage.
= 1.2.13 =
  • Cover image functionality for Group.
  • Fixed strict standards: function declaration compatibility.
  • Update search placeholder text.
  • Logo and Favicon option settings.
  • CSS fixes.
  • Deleted unused files from fontello.
= 1.2.12 =
  • Fixed buddyboss wall plugin issue with activity meta content.
  • Fixed some css issues.
  • Update activity loop template.
= 1.2.11 =
  • Fixed hook name issue in header.php
  • Simplify navigation function.
  • Activity media upload issue fixed.
  • Fixed css issue on activity upload and removed deprecated function.
  • Added expanded style.css
  • Added post format support.
  • Fixed Loader New Activities button issue.
  • Added: hook \'rtp_hook_current_user_menu_list\' for adding menu items in current user dropdown.
  • Fixed user profile issue after disabled BuddyPress plugin.
= 1.2.9 =
  • Updates icon for header section.
  • Add option for admin bar.
  • Fixed editor post content hide issue.
  • Removed unsupported plugins from list.
  • Fixed text domain issues.
  • Fixed search widget issue.
= 1.2.8 =
  • Update rtMedia Files.
  • Favlist title issue.
  • rtMedia Pagination.
  • Fixed Masonry JS issue.
= 1.2.7 =
  • Finishing Design.
  • Activity Masonry.
  • Update color style structure.
= 1.2.6 =
  • Fixed License Issue.
= 1.2.5 =
  • Update Titan Framework to 1.6
  • Added: Login Pop-up box.
  • Fixed: buddypress @mentions feature issues.
  • Fixed issues generated by theme check plugin.
= 1.2.4 =
  • Added License API
  • Updated Foundation Version
  • Fixed Some UI issues
= 1.2.3 =
  • Resolved: UI Bug Fixes
= 1.2.2 =
  • Resolved: Bug Fixes
= 1.2.1 =
  • Resolved: Bug Fixes
= 1.2 =
  • Added: Titan Framework for Theme Options which contain Color Palette Options, Font Options, Google Font Option, Header/Footer Options and much more.
  • Added: Admin Panel Pages - Support and Plugins
  • Added: Support for BuddyPress Doc and Rendez Vous Plugin
  • Modified: Restructure Theme Options
  • Modified: Update Foundation and Grunt Packages
  • Resolved: Bug Fixes
  • Removed: Old theme Options
= 1.1 =
  • Modified: Release as Parent theme
  • Modified: Update Foundation and Grunt Packages
  • Modified: Changed color scheme
  • Resolved: Bug Fixes
= 1.0 =
  • Initial Release


This product comes with guaranteed updates for 1 site for a period of 1 year from the date of purchase.

  • You can install/use this product on any number of sites.
  • Price includes 1 year access to our premium support forum for 1 licensed site only.
  • Price includes 1 year of free updates. If no updates are released within 1 year of purchase, your license can be extended to cover the next update free of cost.
  • This product is configured to provide automatically updates from the backend of your website itself. No license key is needed to update as of now.

If you have questions, feel free to get in touch with us.

We urge you to visit live demo site. If you have any questions about demo site or a feature, feel free to post them in our pre-sales support forum. As always, we offer a 30-days refund policy just in case things don’t work out! 🙂

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