Comment Media

Users can upload media in the comment section for originally uploaded media up to 1 level.

Comment media under lightbox


The user can find attach media button to add media as a comment under the lightbox.


This is how it will look once you add media as a comment under the lightbox.


The user can visit commented media in the lightbox as well. Lightbox view will provide the link View Conversation to show all the other comments on the originally uploaded media.

Comment media under BuddyPress Activity and groups


The user can add media in the comment section for the BuddyPress activity and groups as shown in the screenshot. The comment media can only be added directly to the media and not to the replies to the comments i.e. media attachment is applicable to the first level of commenting.

Comment Media Type

The user can attach all media types which are allowed under rtMedia Types

Comment Media Privacy

The commented media will inherit the privacy of its parent media.