rtAmazon S3 with WP-CLI support has a new home

The rtAmazon S3 plugin has been one of our most popular products. S3 solves a problem common to many WordPress website owners by providing access to cheap, expandable storage space. Moreover, it can save a ton of bandwidth by serving media from your Amazon S3 bucket.

Why you should consider Amazon S3 integration

Bandwidth conservation

A lot of hosting plans provide unlimited storage, but limit the number of requests or bandwidth to the server. Serving your media from Amazon’s global infrastructure means that you bandwidth usage from your server is significantly reduced.

Fast & Secure

Being a part of the Amazon suite of products, S3 can be integrated with AWS Cloudfront (its own CDN) and Cloudflare. This gives you access to a DNS, Global CDN & DDoS protection, among other security features.

Using the rtAmazon S3 plugin, you can even configure a custom URL that hides your server from the open Internet.


Amazon has a “pay as you use” pricing structure for S3 . Moving your WordPress media library to S3 is a great idea if you are on a shared hosting plan with a limited storage allowance.

Amazon’s pricing structure gets more economical as your library grows, so you don’t have to worry about scaling up your website.

What sets rtAmazon S3 apart

The rtAmazon S3 plugin was created to solve a problem

…our WordPress-Nginx managed hosting team showed interest in it to setup autoscaling WordPress instance. Our system admin team was not happy with existing Amazon S3 plugins they were using…

Here are some core features of the plugin:

  • No upload / download / bandwidth / item number restrictions
    Just set up rtAmazon S3 once and forget about it. Manage only your S3 bucket after setup
  • Works with any WordPress site
    rtAmazon S3 does not use custom post types (CPT), ensuring compatibility with any standard WordPress site
  • WP-CLI support
    WP-CLI has become a go-to for many website administrators- rtAmazon S3 adds support from v1.4+
  • Works with rtMedia
    Move all media types supported by rtMedia, including audio, video and docs, to your S3 bucket
  • Easy to setup and use
    Simple three-step setup, with backend settings to easily manage your media

Your feedback is valuable to us, as we continue to improve the plugin and improve its usefulness. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below or via social media.

Links: rtAmazon S3 homepage | Amazon S3 | WP-CLI