[New Plugin] Upload WordPress Media Library To Amazon S3

Today we have released a new plugin – rtAmazon S3. This plugin automatically uploads WordPress media library attachment files to Amazon S3 bucket.
rtamazon-s3It has few more options like:

  • Bulk uploading all past uploads
  • Serving files from S3 URLs
  • Enable deletion of local file copies

This plugin was initially planned as an addon for rtMedia. But then our WordPress-Nginx managed hosting team showed interest in it to setup autoscaling WordPress instance. Our system admin team was not happy with existing Amazon S3 plugins they were using.

Use Cases

  1. You can use Amazon S3 as backup for all WordPress file uploads.
  2. You can host and serve files from Amazon S3, deleting local file copies to save local disk space.
  3. Using WordPress with Amazon Elastic Beanstalk or any autoscaling cloud environment. Here you need to have all files served from a central storage.


rtAmazon S3 plugin requires an Amazon AWS account.


You can purchase the rtAmazon S3 plugin from our store. Pricing starts from USD 29 for single site license.

We have plans to add some more features to this plugin which may increase the price. But we always offer 50% discount on license renewal on old prices.

Links: rtAmazon S3 | Documentation | Premium Support

9 responses to “[New Plugin] Upload WordPress Media Library To Amazon S3”

      • Put simply: will it make a typical site faster or slower? And does this differ if its a managed host or a VPS/cloud server?

        • It depends on many factors. S3 alone can’t make a “typical” site faster. If it’s a PHP/MySQL issue, it needs to be sorted there.

          If it’s large static files distribution issue, then S3 should be coupled with a CDN.

  1. Great job guys! Was waiting for this one. If only you can add the same for NEXTGEN gallery so that all its files can be uploaded/served to/from AWS S3 that would be awesome.

    Thank you.

    • @Dmitriy I haven’t used NEXTGEN but don’t they use WordPress Media Library API?

      I am sorry to say we have no plans to support plugins which do not use WordPress Media Library API.

      • I’m not sure but it has a setting “Where would you like galleries stored?” with a path starting with /wp-content/ so if I specify /wp-content/uploads/ it may work, need to test it forst and if it will store galleries under /wp-content/uploads/ your plugin should be able to upload these files to S3, correct?

        • This plugin does not pick files from `wp-content/uploads`. It scans wordpress-attachment database and read path from there.

          This means, if a file is not registered with WordPress Media gallery, it will be skipped even if it’s present in `wp-content/uploads`.

  2. Thank you for explaining, I guess I missed the part ‘attachment’ in ‘…automatically uploads WordPress media library attachment’ 🙂