From rtMedia 3.0, we have changed the way we post details about roadmap. Earlier, we used to give feature-list breakdown by version with ETA (expected release-date).

Before rtMedia 3.0, we used to maintain details about old-releases with dates. Now changelog can be accessed via and old release dates can be found on Github.

Future Releases

Below is list of features that rtMedia will see. Please note that following list may change anytime with or without prior notice. Some feature may go premium. Some premium feature may become free. It all depends on sponsors and circumstances.


  1. Desktop-based bulk uploader
  2. Custom mobile app for iOS and Android

Please note

  1. 100% GPL, but not 100% free: To support development of this project, some features will be released as premium addons. So if you are looking for a 100% free solution, please do not use this plugin, to avoid disappointment at a later stage.
  2. Work for hire: You can hire us for customized work. We offer heavy discount if you are ready to share customisations back in the open-source community! It’s like sponsored release.
  3. Developers: If you are willing to develop a plugin, theme, service or some app based on rtMedia, you can contact us if you need any kind of support. We provide co-branding, promotion and other help.