Renew License Key

All our Software License keys are valid for a period of one year from the date of purchase. After this period, you can continue using our products without worrying about any loss of data, functionality or features. However, once your license has expired, you will no longer receive updates or have access to our Premium support channel. Read more about our license on this page.

Any of our licenses can be renewed at a 50% discounted rate. The renewal rate is calculated on the base price of the product at the time of purchase, without factoring in any price reductions. Please note that discount codes cannot be applied to License Key renewals.

How to renew your Software License key

First, log into your rtMedia account from

Please refer to our license FAQ page if you don’t remember your account username or password.

rtMedia my-account page login

Once logged in, go to the License keys tab and click on “Renew License” or “Extend license” (if license is not expired yet) link that corresponds to the product whose License key you wish to renew.



Finally, it will redirect to the checkout page and respective discount will be auto apply for the renewal.

Once completed, your License Status should change to “Active“, with the expiration date also reset.

rtMedia license renew successful