We have bbPress attachment feature you are looking for!

Results of the yearly bbPress survey are out. Overall 213 people participated in it from 41 countries. The survey results are supposed to give guidance to future plugin development around bbPress ecosystem. You can read the official blog post about the survey here.

What caught our attention was attachments on topics/replies being most demanded feature. This caught our attention because we have a rtMedia bbPress attachment premium addon as part of our own rtMedia project.

Thought rtMedia is popular among BuddyPress sites, it works without BuddyPress as well for WordPress / bbPress sites.

rtMedia bbPress Attachment


This addon provides attachment support for bbPress forum topics and replies.

It supports multiple attachments and thumbnail preview for media attachments. If you upload audio/video attachments, they can gets converted to web-friendly format using our free audio/video transcoding service which is already integrated into rtMedia platform.

Apart from media attachment, the plugin provides actions and filters so you can do additional stuff to meet your needs.

Below is video explaining plugin features:

If a feature is not clear, feel free to contact us or drop a comment below.

rtMedia powers 20% of BuddyPress Sites

If you are new to rtMedia or never heard of it before, I would just like to inform you that rtMedia is running on 20,000 active installs. As it is used mostly by BuddyPress sites, it now powers 20% or better put 1 in every 5 BuddyPress site.

That being said, if you are using bbPress alone, you can still use rtMedia. Only thing you may feel wrong is plugin slug which is still “buddypress-media”! Rest  assured, it doesn’t need BuddyPress anymore. 🙂

Why two plugins instead of one?

You may wonder why we did not build bbPress attachment as independent plugin!

Our rtMedia (free version) acts as a media framework and makes many things e.g. audio/video encoding service, JSON API available. So with this approach you basically get more power and features that a standalone bbPress plugin might find impractical to offer! 🙂

Links: rtMedia bbPress attachment | rtMedia