rtMedia PRO 2.4 with FavLists and more

rtMedia PRO 2.4 is released with following new features:

  • FavList (Favorite Media List)
  • Attributes Support in Gallery Shortcode


Users have the option to create their own FavLists. Same media can be added to multiple FavLists.


The FavList feature can be enabled or disabled right from the settings. The thumbnails of the FavList can be changed too.

You can use following shortcode to show your FavList on pages or posts:

[[rtmedia_gallery favlist_id="19xx"]]

Make sure to edit 19xx with actual id of your FavList.

Attributes Support in Gallery Shortcode

Using attributes shortcode, you can display the media items with corresponding attributes and terms. In rtMedia PRO 2.2, the options to store and add attributes/terms for media were provided which now can be displayed.

The example shortcode:

[[rtmedia_gallery attribute_slug="Your-Slug-Here" term_slug="term_slug1,term_slug2"]]

For attribute slug:


For term slug:

Bugs Fixed

This release fixes bbPress Attachment Deletion bugissue with playlists and few more issues regarding URL snippet in activity id.


If you are an existing rtMedia-PRO user, you can upgrade to rtMedia-PRO with just one-click from your WordPress Dashboard. At all times, you can download latest copy of your purchase from my-accounts section.

If you are not using rtMedia-PRO, you can upgrade now.

Links: rtMedia-PRO | Download Update | Support Forum | Suggest a feature