rtMedia-PRO 2.2 – Per-User Upload Quota, Media Attributes & more

Today, we are releasing rtMedia-PRO 2.2 with four new features.

  • Per-User Upload Quota
  • Media Attributes
  • URL Preview in BuddyPress Activity
  • Tabular View for Document and Other files

Below are details for all new features.

New Features

Per-User Upload Quota

Previously, admin could set an upload limit in terms of single media size only.

Now, admin can set an upload limit on timely basis i.e Daily/Monthly/Lifetime and also set upload limits in terms of total size (MB) of all the media and total number of media a user can upload.


If a user exceeds any upload limit set by admin, appropriate error message will be shown before the user uploads any media. There are filters available to change error message as per your choice.


Media Attributes

Now, in rtMedia-PRO a new admin menu option “Attributes” had been added. Many rtMedia users were have requested this feature.

You can set media attribute from rtMedia admin -> Attributes.


You can set as many attributes as you want for media like Photo Category, Camera Type, Location etc.

After adding attributes, you will need to add terms for that attribute. For example for the attribute Camera terms can be Digital, SLR, DSLR etc. You can also edit/delete attributes.

It might be possible that you want either single or multiple terms for each attribute. For single term selection set render type to “Dropdown” and for multiple selection set render type to “Checkbox” while you’re adding or editing any media attribute.


After all the admin settings, you need to bind terms or set attribute value for media. You can set attribute value for media while uploading the media.


or during editing media


or while bulk editing media (it will replace all the previous attribute values)


Media attributes will be shown on both lightbox and single media page above like and comment box.


URL Preview in BuddyPress Activity

Another highly requested feature by users was to show URL preview in activity update.
In rtMedia-PRO 2.2 we have implemented this feature to show URL preview in BuddyPress activity update.


User can remove URL preview, if he wants, by clicking on “X” button in URL preview.

After activity update URL preview will be shown as seen in image below.


Tabular View for Document and Other files

Google Drive was the inspiration behind this feature to view documents and other files in tabular format to make it more user friendly.


There is an admin setting which needs to be enabled to use this feature.



If you are an existing rtMedia-PRO user, you can upgrade to rtMedia-PRO with just one-click from your WordPress Dashboard. At all times, you can download latest copy of your purchase from my-accounts section.

If you are not using rtMedia-PRO, you can upgrade now.

Links: rtMedia-PRO | Support Forum