rtMedia Premium – A single plugin with features from 35+ addons

Earlier we announced simplifying buying decisions for rtMedia and we are following it up with another new important announcement.

We had 35+ premium add-ons that required being installed individually on the WordPress site along with individual license keys for each add-on. This was a very time-consuming process for our customers, and the plugin section in the WordPress dashboard was cluttered with too many plugins.

Also, it requires our team spending a lot of time managing all the separate projects internally.

To simplify this, we came up with a single plugin, rtMedia Premium.

What’s there in rtMedia Premium!

It’s a new plugin that replaces 35+ add-ons and will extend the capabilities of rtMedia Core plugin. We have combined all the premium add-ons into this single plugin that will give many benefits:

  • No individual add-on installation, no individual license key
  • A single plugin to manage all features


Q: How does it compare with rtMedia Pro?

  • With rtMedia Pro, you had to download/upload 35 zip files whereas rtMedia Premium comes all together within a single zip.

Q: What if I already have rtMedia Pro purchased?

  • If you have rtMedia Pro purchased already, you will get the option to upgrade to rtMedia Premium plugin for free.

Q: How do I switch from rtMedia Pro to rtMedia Premium?

  • You can upgrade by login to your rtMedia Account, under the license key tab.

Q: Can I buy rtMedia Pro as I want to have individual addons?

  • No, we have removed the new purchase option for rtMedia Pro.

If 35 add-ons are purchased individually, these will cost you more than $2000 but rtMedia Premium package starts at $499 only. Check out our simplified pricing

If you have any questions, you can always reach us via support.

Links: rtMedia Premium | Support