Simplifying rtMedia buying decisions

As of now, we have 35+ rtMedia addons offering distinct features. Each of them was available for purchase separately. Also, these add-ons can be purchased together as part of rtMedia Bundle. No matter how you made a purchase, you had to download/upload 35 zip files.

On the other side, we have to manage many GitHub Repos, issue trackers, release cycles, and all the meta stuff that is associated with maintaining a commercial product.

While our parent company rtCamp is a big agency, we are a small product team, and spending so much time on 35 separate projects turned out to be counterproductive. Also, often support team ended up handling a lot more pre-sales requests where we clearly felt the customer is going through decision fatigue.

With all the above observations, combined with data that clearly showed that rtMedia Pro bundle revenue is more than individual add-ons combined, we decide to simplify the customer journey for rtMedia’s paying customers. We will be accomplishing this in two parts:

  • Removing individual addons for purchase.
  • Merging all individual addons into a single plugin. 

The first part is technically simple and we are going ahead with it today. From today, new customers will be able to purchase only rtMedia PRO bundle. This will reduce decision fatigue but you will still need to manage 35 addons in WordPress Admin. Something that we hope to solve with seamless merging and migrating existing users from rtMedia Pro Bundle to rtMedia Premium merged plugin. 

If you have already purchased any individual addons, don’t worry. We have only removed new purchase options. We will continue to give security and other automatic updates for the duration of your license.

Also, if you decide to upgrade to rtMedia PRO bundle, we will discount it by individual addons’ purchase cost.

Every rtMedia Pro bundle customer will get the option to upgrade to rtMedia Premium plugin that will have all the features from 35 addons and a lot more new features that are not part of any existing addons. Upgrade to rtMedia Premium will be free for rtMedia Pro bundle customers and for large sites, our support team will be happy to help you 1:1


We are not revising any pricing as of now. Some people who were looking forward to buying individual addons recently might feel disappointed by this move. In a rare move, we are making rtMedia Pro Bundle affordable for a month by offering a flat 50% discount. 

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After that, we will default it to $499/year. We feel it’s a reasonable price for software that is most commonly used to build social networks.