Introducing Activity Masonry, media search and more with rtMedia 4.4

We released updates for two rtMedia Premium products, along with a huge update for rtMedia Core this month. There’s lot to cover, so let’s dive right in!

With rtMedia version 4.4, we have brought masonry to the Activity feed. In case you didn’t know, “masonry” is a neat media presentation technique that fits media thumbnails of different sizes together, sort of like bricks in a wall. The end effect is visually appealing and makes efficient use of the available space.

We are really excited about it because this is a type of change that immediately takes a website’s visual appeal up a notch.

Another change that your users will definitely notice is the new media search bar. They can search media files by name, description, author and even member type (Plus, coming soon- search by media attribute!)

Albums are an intuitive way for user to group their media. This release makes Albums more descriptive (literally!) and adds the description text field to the “Create Album” pop-up.

And finally, by popular demand, we made it much easier for you to add media counts to any media gallery. All you need to do is add the code from this doc page to your functions.php file. Simple, right? 🙂

WordPress news

The next version of WordPress is looking like another user-focused one, with new, friendlier widgets and better accessibility. We have started testing rtMedia with the WordPress 4.8 beta releases, and are looking forward to the full release!

We celebrated WordPress’ 14th birthday with 3 close games of cricket 😀

Posted by rtCamp on Saturday, May 27, 2017

Here’s a full list of releases and changelogs for May:

rtMedia Core

Version 4.4, June 6, 2017

New Features

  • Enabled Masonry Cascading grid layout for BuddyPress Activity feed [Doc]
  • Added search functionality in Media Gallery [Doc]
  • Added album description input while creating an album [Doc]


  • Added media description parameter in JSON API [Doc]
  • Added: Filter to change the text “Are you sure you want to delete this media?” [Doc]
  • Applied Post Update button style once the document is ready instead of window load


  • Audio player display issue in lightbox
  • Fixed trimming media name issue when it contains a dot in the name
  • Added missing data in debuginfo file
  • rtMedia shortcode uploader issue with IOS mobile safari browser
  • Issue while playing video on IOS safari
  • White strip-line issue in lightbox
  • Like button will display in the right sidebar of light box even when media comments are deactivated
Version 4.3.2, May 11, 2017


  • Added: Filter which allows replacing the text “Like/dislike” with any icon [Doc]


  • Attach media button issue in comments for IOS devices
  • Inconsistent name display in the Activity stream
  • Media attachment button issue under rtMedia comment section
  • Set as Album Cover button UI issue
  • rtMedia action button alignment issue on the single media page
  • Improvise comment media admin settings
  • JavaScript error while deleting media
  • Edit media feature when BuddyPress activity stream component is disabled
  • “What’s new” section not getting properly styled on page load [Doc]

rtMedia bbPress Attachments

Version 1.3.0, May 4, 2017


  • Added admin notice to help users who forgot to activate bbPress while installing the rtMedia bbPress Attachments plugin


  • File attachment alignment for IOS devices
  • Media title alignment issue
  • Multiple file attachment issue for IOS devices

rtMedia BuddyPress Group Media Control

Version 1.1.3, May 9, 2017


  • Improved the UI of media control setting while creating or editing group

How do I update?

Update rtMedia Core from the WordPress backend like usual. You can also download the zip files from the WordPress plugin directory to manually update them.

Update any rtMedia addon from the WordPress backend on a website that has an active license key. Alternatively, you can download the latest zip file from your Account Page.

If you are looking to purchase any of our 40+ premium addons & themes, please head over to our Product Store. Every product comes with 1 year of guaranteed updates and access to our Premium Support channel.

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