Upload Media

rtMedia can add several ways for users to add media to your website. Media uploads appear in the BuddyPress activity stream.

“Media” tab on Profile page

Users can directly upload media by using the Upload button on the Media tab of their BuddyPress profiles.

Upload media from Media tab in your profile


“Media” tab on Groups & Forum pages

Users can upload media on BuddyPress groups & forums. When rtMedia is enabled on a website, a “Media” tab will appear all groups & forums.

Upload media from Media tab in Groups/Forums


Activity Stream

The Attach Media button will appear when a user is posting on a site wide activity page, user activity page or a BuddyPress group.

attach media button
The uploader also has drag and drop functionality.
Drag and drop into Activity uploader

Activity Stream for multisite

By default BuddyPress activity stream is common for all sites (Activity in one subsite is visible to same user on another subsite).
Since rtMedia allows to upload media through activity which is local to a particular subsite, BuddyPress activities and rtMedia’s media tab will be local for a particular site with rtMedia enabled.


“Anywhere Uploader” created using shortcode

Site admin just needs to add the shortcode [rtmedia_uploader] to any page or post to enable uploads.

Upload box created with shortcode
Upload box created with shortcode

More information about shortcodes can be found here.

Comment Media

Starting rtMedia version 4.3, users can upload media directly into BuddyPress comment threads. The Comment Media uploader allows all supported media types.

Media uploaded in this way can be clicked on, which will open it in a new lightbox. A user can then jump back to the original comment thread by clicking on the “View Conversation” button:

BuddyPress Comment Media rtMedia 4.3

Read more about Comment Media.

Edit and delete media

Users can delete media items from their Activity feeds, the lightbox display or profile media gallery.

Edit media

Users can edit the title, description, privacy & album the media is part of by using the edit menus from the lightbox or the media gallery.

Additional basic image manipulation like flipping, rotating, aspect ratio & size modification is also possible through the Image tab in the editing screen.

Users can also specify a name and description for any media file while uploading. Note the Green tick box next to these fields has to be clicked to successfully save any changes to name or description.

Delete media

Media can be deleted directly from the activity feed, lightbox or media gallery.

Search Media

rtMedia v4.4 adds a media search option that makes locating particular media files in a large library much easier. Once enabled under Display > Enable gallery media search, users can find a particular media by its title, description or author.