rtMedia Monthly Update- February 2017

rtMedia is designed to be a one-stop solution for media websites on BuddyPress & WordPress. With our latest point release, we are excited to introduce “Comment Media”, a feature that adds another dimension to media comments.

Your users can now upload media directly into BuddyPress Activity media comment threads. Conversations are much more engaging and interesting with attached media! The Comment Media uploader allows all supported media types.

BuddyPress Comment Media with rtMedia 4.3

Other enhancements include a new toggle for media “Likes” under rtMedia Settings > Display > Enable likes for media and a few new hooks to help you customize your website. We have also fixed Media tab pagination and patched privacy issues in Comment Media and Media Likes.

All these and more are included in rtMedia Core version 4.3 – just update to this version from your Dashboard or download it (for free) from the WordPress plugin directory. For a list of all the changes, refer to the changelog below. Check out our Demo website to test out rtMedia 4.3.

rtMedia Core

Version 4.3 Feb 14, 2017

New Features

  • Comment Media – Upload Media directly into comment threads! [Doc]


  • rtMedia setting to toggle “Likes” for media – rtMedia Settings > Display > Enable likes for media [Doc]
  • Added: Action to change rtMedia query before a shortcode runs [Doc]
  • Added: Filter to Change Media menu position in admin bar [Doc]
  • Added: Filter to disable Comment Media [Doc]
  • Added rtMedia Version Constant
  • Attachment upload in rtMedia support form


  • Bulk delete in WordPress Media library
  • Warnings when user clicks on pagination links
  • rtMedia gallery shortcode pagination not working
  • Sorting & Options issues in the Media tab
  • “Load More” issue in Activity and Group tabs
  • Comment and Like Privacy issues
  • Comment and Like for media delete issue in Group
  • Removed unwanted fields in rtMedia support form

Version 4.3.1 Feb 23, 2017


  • Change text in rtMedia setting for comment media
  • Added: Filter to remove media titles from media tab [Doc]
  • Added: Filter to change user id while fetching user’s album list [Doc]


  • Pagination and navigation issues in Media tab
  • Warnings when uploading media in Activity comments
  • Privacy for reported media in Moderation

rtMedia Default Albums

Version 1.1.2 Feb 27, 2017


  • Added ID column and Bulk delete options under rtMedia Settings > Default Albums for easier management [Doc]

rtMedia Social Sharing

Version 1.1.5 Feb 10, 2017


  • Removed sharing options for media added into BuddyPress media comment sections (via Comment Media)


  • Issues related to Google Plus & stylesheet loading (rtMedia Social Sharing uses components from rtSocial, that received updates)

rtMedia Favorites

Version 1.2.5 Feb 24, 2017


  • Updated theme templates to fix pagination and “Load more” issues in the Favorites tab

rtMedia Playlists

Version 1.3.8 Feb 24, 2017


  • Updated theme templates to fix pagination and “Load more” issues in the Playlists tab

How do I update?

Update rtMedia Core from the WordPress backend like usual. You can also download the zip files from the WordPress plugin directory to manually update them.

Update any rtMedia addon from the WordPress backend on a website that has an active license key. Alternatively, you can download the latest zip file from your Account Page.

If you are looking to purchase any of our 40+ premium addons & themes, please head over to our Product Store. Every product comes with 1 year of guaranteed updates and access to our Premium Support channel.

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