BuddyPress Media Instagram – New Addon Released

Today we release an addon for BuddyPress Media that’s sure to add some spice to BuddyPress powered communities.

The BuddyPress Media Instagram addon adds Instagram like effects to the image edit screen. Now, users can add great effects to their photos!

Below is a screenshot showing instagram effects:

BuddyPress Media Instagram

You can check a live demo here.

Included Effects

The following effects are included with the addon:

  • Gotham
  • Toaster
  • Nashville
  • Lomo
  • Kelvin

Have a look at the Nashville Filter, as an example.

Nashville Filter

Pricing and Availability

The BuddyPress-Media Instagram addon is available on the rtCamp store at a nominal price of $19.

Head there to get your copy!

Links: Buy BuddyPress-Media Instagram | Live Demo

2 responses to “BuddyPress Media Instagram – New Addon Released”

  1. I think allowing individual users to import their instagram photo’s to into a instagram album would be more beneficial to those looking to have a community website full of rich content. Also, users love being able to access content from other sites they use. Have you given any thought to importing flickr photo’s ?

  2. Yes, we agree. However, integrating external media sources and social networks is one of the last priorities of this plugin, as of now. Once we get all the features in place, we will start rolling out advance features like this one.