rtMedia 3.6 with JSON API

New release for rtMedia, version 3.6 adds JSON API in core. 🙂

Using this API you can login to a WordPress/BuddyPress site remotely and upload media. If also has user registration method to create new users in WordPress.

Overall, this enable developers to create mobile apps as well as third party services for rtMedia. If you need any extra methods in API, just raise a support request in forum, or even better send a pull-request on Github!

rtCamp has no plans to develop its own mobile apps for atleast 1-2 years. So if you develop some mobile app, that works nicely with rtMedia enabled sites, we would love to review and promote it to rtMedia user-base. Just get in touch with contact form.

Links: rtMedia JSON API  | Support Forum

2 responses to “rtMedia 3.6 with JSON API”

  1. It seems that spam bots are using this to register accounts, bypassing captcha protection. Is there a way to disable this if not necessary?

  2. Hi George,

    We have handshake mechanism for all the API actions except registration process as we don’t have any user information at that point. We will be adding an admin option for a unique key that can be used during registration process over JSON API to overcome this situation and will be available in future update of rtMedia.