How to restrict the file size and the maximum number of albums BuddyPress users can create

If you are on this page, we understand that you are in a situation where you need to restrict the file size and the number of albums on your BuddyPress site. You may want to do it for many reasons. But, one of the most common reasons administrators enable this feature on their site is to prevent people from overusing their server’s storage space.

It happens all the time. Online storage costs a lot of money and people are constantly on the lookout for new ways to store their media files online without having to pay anything extra.

Although it may help with member retention and loyalty, it can blow your web hosting costs up the roof and can affect the site performance. This is especially true if you are hosting your website with a low budget web host and are approaching the maximum allocated resources for your site.

This can cause issues for other users and it is definitely not a good thing for your community.

How to restrict the file size and maximum number of albums

Time needed: 15 minutes

Now, let’s see how you can limit the maximum file size and album count on your community website to prevent certain members from using more resources than they actually need.

  1. Install rtMedia

    Install and activate the rtMedia plugin from your WordPress dashboard.install and activate rtMedia on your site

  2. Install rtMedia Restrictions

    Get the rtMedia Restrictions add-on and upload it manually to your website.rtmedia restrictions addon

  3. Activate rtMedia Restrictions

    Open the rtMedia Licenses page and enter your license key to activate the add-on and receive automatic security updates on your site.rtmedia restrictions addon license activation page

  4. Configure rtMedia Restrictions

    Go to the rtMedia Settings page and navigate to the Types tab. Under Media Types Settings, you can set the upload limit (in MB). You can also configure the maximum storage space and the number files your members can under Upload Limits Per User. Once you have changed the values, don’t forget to save the changes.rtmedia restrictions addon settings

You have now successfully enabled rtMedia Restrictions on your site for BuddyPress. No further action is required from you unless you decide to change the limits at a later stage based on member’s feedback or requirements.

So, what are you waiting for? Get rtMedia Restrictions today and protect your site’s resources.