Payment Gateway added to rtMedia Membership Add-on 2.0

We are happy to introduce PayPal payment gateway with rtMedia Membership Addon version 2.0. It was a feature requested by many of our users and also was part of our roadmap. For current rtMedia Membership Addon users, simply update the plugin to get this new feature included.

Payment Settings

You will find a new “Payment” tab next to “General” settings. This has all the options related to PayPal account, pages, plans and price value.

All the options are easy to understand. You just need to add required values as per instructions.


Now, this add-on will create 3 WordPress pages in your site and provide short-codes.

  1. Membership –   [rtmedia_membership]. On this page all the plans and price will display.
  2. Transaction success – [rtmedia_membership_receipt]. The success message will display.
  3. Transaction Failure.

Above pages are self explanatory. If you want to changes these page, you can create simple WordPress pages, add short-code to respective page and then select from drop-down in Payment setting tab.

For End User (Members)

All the plans and price table can be displayed on Membership page.



We have provided a short-code to display all the plans  [rtmedia_membership]. We can use this short-code on any of the page where we want to show our plans and pricing.

Pricing Option

At present we are supporting single currency option i.e. USD. Site owners can set price for all the plans based on period limit (daily,weekly, etc).


Plans for next release

  • Multiple currency options that allows site owners to change currency as they see fit.
  • Purchased history of subscribe users with shortcode.
  • Stats of subscribed users as per their respective plan.

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