Introducing rtMedia Membership Addon

rtMedia-membership-logoWe are happy to announce rtMedia Membership Addon. This addon is yet another addition to a growing number of addons that work great with rtMedia and rtMedia – PRO (rtMedia Addons).

The rtMedia Membership addon, lets you add memberships to your site, enables you to control the number and size of files a member can upload.

Limits can be set for daily, weekly, monthly, yearly and lifetime uploads.

Settings and Features

rtMedia Membership addon can be used to create new membership plans and customize them for users.
  • Site admins can apply the three default Membership plans (Gold, Silver and Bronze) and also create new customized plans. (Read Documentation)
  • Admins can also set number of files and uploads limits based on membership plans. (Read Documentation)
  • There are also extensive settings to manage and update plans along with adding plan members and managing plan limits for individual users.
  • Membership plan values are displayed at BuddyPress profiles for users. (Read Documentation)

Note: The rtMedia Membership Addon currently has no support for payment gateway.

You can read through the complete list of settings here.

Pricing and Availability

The rtMedia Membership addon is available for $99.00 for a single site license.

The various price options are as follows.

  • Single website – $99.00
  • Upto 5 websites – $199.00
  • Upto 20 websites – $399.00
  • Upto 50 websites – $799.00
  • Upto 100 websites – $1599.00

All the prices are in USD. This add-on currently requires rtMedia plugin to function on your website.

The prices include one year forum support. It also include one year free updates. Grab your copy today!

Links: Buy rtMedia Membership Plugin | Documentation

2 responses to “Introducing rtMedia Membership Addon”

  1. Yet another brilliant addition to your offerings. I apologize if I missed this in the description but does this or any of the rtMedia plugin allow storing/serving images from a CDN such as S3? I would rush to use this if I wasn’t limited by my server’s storage capacity. (and I’m a CDN rookie so correct me if I just need to point my upload directory to my cdn or something simple like that – lol).