How to add custom attributes to BuddyPress media files

One of the most important aspects of running a photography community website is the ability to allow people to share their camera and photo information on your site along with the media files. One way to do this would be by allowing them to add it manually to the photo’s caption.

But, it is not the most efficient way to it.

It can be made efficient by standardizing it across your website. That is, all photos should have the same attribute fields. The simplest way to do that is by adding custom attributes to media files. Using rtMedia Custom Attributes, you can add a list of predefined custom attributes on your site and the site members can just select the data while uploading and sharing media files on your site.

Some examples of the attributes you can add are – Photo Category, Camera Brand, Model, Location, etc. Under Camera Brand, you can add brands like Canon, Nikon, Sony, Others, etc. and for Location, you can add all countries.

How to add custom attributes to BuddyPress media files

Time needed: 15 minutes

Now, let’s see how you can add custom attributes to media files uploaded to your BuddyPress-powered community website.

  1. Install rtMedia

    Install and activate the rtMedia plugin from your WordPress dashboard.install and activate rtMedia on your site

  2. Install rtMedia Custom Attributes

    Get the rtMedia Custom Attributes add-on and upload it manually on your website.rtmedia custom attributes addon

  3. Activate rtMedia Custom Attributes

    Activate the rtMedia Custom Attributes add-on on your site with your license key. Only then will you be able to receive automatic security updates on your site. Else, you will have to manually update it every time there’s an update for the add-on.activate rtmedia custom attributes addon using license key

  4. Add the custom attributes

    Go to the rtMedia Attributes page and add the primary attributes you would like to add on your site.define buddypress media attributes using rtmedia

  5. Configure the added attributes

    Now, click on the Configure button for each attribute you add and define the values for each of them. For example, if you had added Device as the attribute in the previous step, you should now add Smartphone, DSLR, and Tablet as the values for that attribute.values for buddypress media attributes

So, the next time someone tries uploading media on your website, they can select a device of their choice to be added as the media attribute apart from the other attributes you have added.

You have now successfully added custom attributes to media files on your BuddyPress site and your site members can begin to share meta information with ease.

What are you waiting for? Get rtMedia Custom Attributes today!