We try hard to make our rtMedia plugin as friendly as possible with themes. But there are many ways in which themes can be developed and not all of them are standardized. So it is very hard, in fact, practically impossible to support every WordPress theme in this work out-of-the-box.

Supported Free Themes

We have worked hard to make sure, that rtMedia works with default WordPress Themes:

  1. TwentyTwelve (Live Demo)
  2. TwentyThirteen
  3. TwentyFourteen
  4. TwentyFifteen
  5. TwentySixteen
  6. TwentySeventeen
  7. TwentyNineteen

Premium rtMedia Themes

With rise in popularity of rtMedia, number of support requests kept growing. Surprisingly, more than 50% support requests has issues related to themes. So we decided to create our own premium rtMedia themes.


Buy Now Live Demo | Documents

Design and some features are inspired by Facebook (hence the name is InspireBook). But we have taken care to make it a generic WordPress theme with support for WooCommerce, GravityForms, rtMedia, buddyPress, bbPress, etc.


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rtDating theme is built for people trying to create a social network for dating or finding a partner. This theme is mainly developed for rtMedia and BuddyPress and works best with both, but can be used with any WordPress site. It also supports WooCommerce, GravityForms, rtMedia, buddyPress, bbPress, etc.


Buy Now Live Demo | Documents

Awesome WordPress theme for food, photography bloggers and community sites. People can use this theme for their E-Commerce stores as well. Well structured layout, customizable home page template. Home page can be set for community members, groups, latest news and more.

Third Party Themes

Some third-party developers, when making high-quality themes has took special care to support rtMedia nicely. Following are premium themes you can try with rtMedia: