rtMedia Social Sync

rtMedia Social Sync

Allow users to import photos from their Facebook account by creating a Facebook App and connecting it with rtMedia.

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Live demo

Watch video to take a quick look how it works:

Facebook app is required to work this add-on.

“rtMedia Social Sync” is a rtMedia add-on that allows user to import or fetch media (images and videos) from their Facebook account to WordPress + BuddyPress community website.

With this add-on, user can also select albums and attributes which are already present in website or create new during import. Also, the most important is privacy for all the imported media can be set.

This add-on use rtMedia upload feature only. So, imported media will store in same server location where other media stored.

Please follow these simple steps to get Social Sync add-on running:

  1. Download rtMedia Social Sync plugin from your My Account Section.
  2. Go to WordPress site dashboard and navigate to Plugins > Add New > Upload.
  3. Select the rtmedia-social-sync.zip file from your computer and click upload.
  4. Click Install Now button and Activate the Plugin.
  5. New Social Sync tab will be added under rtMedia -> Settings.
  6. Add Facebook App ID in provided settings.
  7. That’s it. Start importing your media ūüôā
  1. What is the use of this add-on?
  2. Where are the settings for this add-on?
  3. What are the pre-requirements?
  4. Is the current plugin version Translation-ready?
  5. Were imported media will store?
  6. Can I import from other social media accounts (e.g Instagram, pinterest, etc)
  7. I want to report a bug/request a feature?
  8. How long will I be eligible for upgrades?

Q. What is the use of this add-on?

Users can import images and video from their Facebook account to your website. All media will store on your server. these effects to the images they have uploaded. This will definitely add value and excitement to your community!

Q. Where are the settings for this addon?

Can be found under rtMedia -> Settings -> Social Sync

Q. What are the pre-requirements?

This add-on required rtMedia free version and Live Facebook App

Q. Is the current plugin version translation-ready?

Yes, it is translation ready. The .po and .mo files are included.

Q. Where imported media will store?

All the imported media from your Facebook account will be stored in your server where website is running. This add-on use the rtMedia upload feature only, so media will go inside /wp-content/uploads/rtmedia/ folder.

Q.Can I import from other social media accounts (e.g Instagram, pinterest, etc)

No. Right now this add-on only supports Facebook account only. Other social media site media import feature will be added in coming future releases. No ETA for these features.

Q. I want to report a bug/request a feature?

Please feel free to use our support forum to report any bugs or request a feature.

Q. How long will I be eligible for upgrades?

We will be providing upgrades upto one year from your date of purchase.

2.0 (future release):

  1. Publish media to Facebook – Whenever media uploaded on your WordPress site, it will also publish to your Facebook profile. We will provide enable/disable settings for this feature.
  2. Importing media from Google+, Instagram and Flickr.

There is NO ETA for next update.

Version 1.4.0, April 23, 2018
New Features
  • Introduced media import from Instagram [Doc]
  • Added icons for Facebook and Instagram buttons
  • Added filter to alter Facebook and Instagram buttons [Doc]
  • Improved update plugin script
  • Import album issue from Facebook
  • Breadcrumb issue while traversing Facebook media
  • Console notice while importing videos
Version 1.3.8 - 24 Oct, 2016
  • Fixed UI issue when importing facebook media
Version 1.3.7 - 31 May, 2016
  • Fixed issue with direct upload
  • Added GPL License
  • Updated EDD License
Version 1.3.6 - 21 Dec, 2015
  • Bug fix: Custom context (shortcode) value for Facebook imports
Version 1.3.5 - 19 Nov, 2015
  • Bug fix: Make plugin compatible for FaceBook graph api v2.5
Version 1.3.4 - 15 Oct, 2015
  • Enhancement: Minified JS and compressed CSS
  • Bug fix: Fix JS issue in FireFox browser
Version 1.3.3 - 20 Aug, 2015
  • Bug fix: Fix JS error for album import
Version 1.3.2 - 18 May, 2015
  • Enhancement: Updated admin options UI
Version 1.3 - 30 Apr, 2015
  • Feature: Import whole album(s)
  • Enhancement: Single BuddyPress activity for all the imports
Version 1.2.2 - 27 Apr, 2015
  • Buf fix: Plugin update.
Version 1.2.1 - 21 Apr, 2015
  • Bug fix: Possible XSS vulnerability.
Version 1.2 - 07 Apr, 2015
  • Bug fix: Changelog issue
Version 1.1 - 27 Mar, 2015
  • Enhancement: Update rtMedia to the latest version required by rtMedia Social Sync via ajax
Version 1.0 - 27 Mar, 2015
  • Feature: Import media from Facebook account


Read documentation here.

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