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Make your site more search engine friendly by adding your media files to an XML sitemap. Also works well with Yoast SEO.

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Live demo

An XML sitemap can be generated of all the public media files uploaded via rtMedia plugin. This plugin also compatible with Yoast SEO plugin if you are already using on your site.

Watch below video to quickly understand how plugin work:

This plugin has provided two ways to generate sitemap:

  1. Generate sitemap using Yoast SEO plugin under SEO -> XML Sitemaps
  2. If Yoast plugin is not installed/activated on site, this plugin will automatically generate sitemap from rtMedia -> Settings -> SEO section.

How this add-on works?

A simple interface is provided in the backend where site admin can click a link to generate an xml page.

Who can use this add-on?

If you want to allow your website media files (images, audio, video and other documents) to indexed and display in search engine result, then you can use this addon.
Generated sitemap just need to submit in webmaster tool on Google, bing, yahoo, etc.

Pricing and Licensing.

This addon can be purchased for single site to 100 sites. The price varies depends on for number of sites this product purchased. All rtCamp products comes with a one year license. You can read more about it here. License key must be activated on your website and its useful to get future updates automatically.

Support and Documentation

In case of any questions/queries you can use our support forum. 1 on 1 Support is available for customers from our developer team.
rtMedia SEO Documentation for developer and site owner.

Version 1.2.0, April 25, 2018
  • Added compatibility with Yoast SEO plugin version 7.3
  • Added a filter from Yoast SEO plugin to alter maximum entries per page in sitemap [Doc]
  • Updated sitemap page URL with respect to Yoast SEO plugin version 7.3
Version 1.1.3, January 31, 2018
  • Improved update plugin script
  • Added Docs and Settings links directly in plugin screen

Version 1.1.2 Dec 2, 2016


  • Image tag has added to rtMedia photo sitemap
Version 1.1.1 - 25-05-2016
  • Added GPL License
  • Updated EDD License
Version 1.1 - 22-09-2015
  • Updated date-time format for sitemap entries
  • Bug fixes
Version 1.0 - 31-08-2015
  • Initial Release- provided support for Yoast SEO plugin to generate sitemap.