rtMedia FFMPEG Addon

This addon adds automatic video conversion support for rtMedia plugin. When installed, your BuddyPress users will be able to upload videos in many more formats.

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Important Notes

  1. You need to have VPS/Dedicated server to use this product. This will NOT work on shared hosting. Sorry.
  2. You need to install free & open-source media-node project to handle FFMPEG conversion/encoding queue, as per the instructions here.
  3. OS Requirement for media-node: Minimum Ubuntu 12.04, Debian 6.x, Centos 6.x, RHEL 6.x. No support for Windows or Mac.
  4. The converted video quality is not up-to the mark like youtube and other video converting/hosting sites. Please cross check our demo site by uploading videos.

rtMedia FFMPEG Converter Plugin’s foremost feature is uploading and converting the entire audio and video file to mp3 and mp4 respectively. This plugin is the very first of its kind and a complete media package for BuddyPress which allows sharing audio, video and image in different kind of file formats.

How it will work…

  • When a user uploads a media file, the plugin will check if the file is in compatible format.
  • If uploaded file requires to be converted, the file will be sent to the Media-Node Server for conversion.
  • It will then be pulled back and stored on the Webhosting server.
  • Please make sure that at all times the Media-Node Server is running.

A few more features

  • As an admin you can restrict your users to share any type of Media (image, audio or video)
  • You can change the Server URL as per your needs. (By default it is http://localhost:1203/upload)
  • You can Re-Count the media files for any user if it is not matching with number of media files


This product comes with guaranteed update.

  1. You can use this add-on on any number of sites.
  2. Price includes 1 year of forum support. Support will be provided for 1 site only.
  3. Price includes 1 year of free updates. If you do not receive any update within 1 year form the date of your purchase, your license will be extended to cover next upgrade for free of cost.
  4. This product is configured to automatically update itself. As of now no activation key is required to get future updates.

If you have questions, feel free to ask us.
Read documentation here.

Please follow these simple steps to get you FFMPEG add-on running.

  1. Once you complete the purchase, you will get a download link for rtMedia FFMPEG Converter add-on.
  2. Go to Plugins > Add New > Upload. Please select the bpm-ffmpeg.zip file from your computer and click upload.
  3. Activate it through the ‘Plugins’ section.
  4. Go to Settings > BuddyPress > Media tab. (Media setting tab is added by free rtMedia plugin)
  5. Enter IP address/port number of machine running free media-node encoding service. Most likely the default setting should work for you.
  1. Why do I need this add-on?
  2. How is Transcoder different from the rtMedia FFMPEG addon? Don’t they both do they same thing?
  3. What are the additional file formats supported?
  4. What is Media-Node and why is it required?
  5. How to manage my upload file size limit?
  6. Is the current plugin version translation-ready?
  7. I want to report a bug/request a feature?
  8. How long will I be eligible for upgrades?
  9. Will it work on shared hosting?
  10. Still having trouble installing and configuring FFMPEG add-on?

Q. Why do I need this add-on?

Our free plugin allows limited file formats of audio/videos to be uploaded. This converter plugin provides support for more additional and popular file formats. If your users will be uploading media in multiple file formats this is a must-buy!

e.g. :- If you have a BuddyPress Network of users who will upload only images, you do not require to purchase this add-on. If you have a network of artistes, they will surely be uploading videos in various formats. You will definitely require this plugin, then.

Q. How is Transcoder different from the rtMedia FFMPEG addon? Don’t they both do they same thing?

Even though Transcoder and rtMedia FFMPEG both achieve the same result- convert media to mp3/mp4 (aka “transcoding”). However, they each accomplish this in a slightly different way. Depending on your use case and requirements, you would do well to choose either one of the for your website.

rtMedia FFMPEG
This works by moving your uploaded media to a dedicated media server for transcoding. Once transcoded, it is sent back to your website server where it can be viewed by your users.
Setting this up would require you to rent a separate media server and install the provided FFMPEG package on it. You would then need to install a plugin on your website’s server. This plugin takes care of all the communication between the two servers.
This solution works best if you require complete control and privacy over the entire transcoding pipeline. Once rtMedia FFMPEG is set up, the data flow between servers is completely in your control. However, setting it up requires you to rent a dedicated server and look after it, which requires a level of know-how.

This is our transcoding service where we take care of setting up the server for you. All you need to do is install a plugin, enter your API key and you are ready to go!
Technically speaking, your data will briefly be transferred to a server. However, we have a strict privacy policy, so you don’t need to worry about your files.
We think that Transcoder is a better solution for most social communities because it can be set up quickly, has a free plan and provides some useful features of its own.

Q. What are the additional file formats supported?

Here is a list for additional formats that will be supported by the add-on plugin.

  • Video : *.avi, *.mkv, *.asf, *.flv, *.wmv, *.rm, *.mpg
  • Audio : *.ogg, *.wav, *.aac, *.m4a, *.wma

Q. What is Media-Node and why is it required?

Though the media files will be uploaded in multiple formats, the FFMPEG add-on will require the Media-Node to transcode them and maintain the data in compatible file format. The Media-Node will convert the uploaded files to the following file formats.

  • Audio : *.mp3
  • Video : *.mp4

Q. How to manage my upload file size limit?

You might need to manage your upload file size limit for uploaded media files.This is because video files size usually tend to be large. Please see this tutorial for precise instructions.

Q. Is the current plugin version translation-ready?

It is not yet translation ready. But we are working on it and will soon release translation friendly version.

Q. I want to report a bug/request a feature?

Please feel free to use our support forum to report any bugs or request a feature.

Q. How long will I be eligible for upgrades?

We will be providing upgrades upto one year from your date of purchase.

Q. Will it work on shared hosting?

The plugin itself can be installed on any WordPress setup. The plugin will require access to the Media-Node server. We would suggest you host this on the same server. If you do not want to host another server for this you can try our Kaltura plugin.

Q. Still having trouble installing and configuring FFMPEG add-on ?

If you are having a hard time configuring the FFMPEG add-on, you can ask for help on our support forums. You can also hire us to do this job for you. Please check our FFMPEG add-on
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  • Video Thumbnail Support
  • Support for video merging
  • Download audio-only mp3 track for uploaded videos
Version 2.2.3, December 28, 2017
  • Improved update plugin script
  • Added document link in plugin screen
= 2.2.2-Jun 22, 2016 =
  • Fixed Video thumbnail in activity
  • Fixed FFMPEG diagnose in admin settings
  • Minified JS & Compressed CSS
  • Added GPLv2 or Later License explicitly
= 2.2-Nov 02, 2015 =
  • Admin option to trim video with start time and end time option
  • Update BuddyPress activity after video is encoded
  • Bug fixes
= 2.1.18-Sep 30, 2015 =
  • Fixed update video thumbnail in activity
  • Added support for rtAmazon S3 plugin
= 2.1.17-Sep 28, 2015 =
  • Fixed curl call for php version >= 5.6
= 2.1.16-Jun 09, 2015 =
  • Fixed CSS issue
= 2.1.15-Jun 04, 2015 =
  • Fixed settings link URL on multisite
= 2.1.14-May 11, 2015 =
  • Updated admin option UI
= 2.1.13-Apr 27, 2015 =
  • Fix plugin update
= 2.1.12-Apr 21, 2015 =
  • Fix possible XSS vulnerability
= 2.1.11-Apr 07, 2015 =
  • Fix changelog issue
= 2.1.9-Jan 07, 2015 =
  • Fix update plugin issue
= 2.1.8-Dec 22, 2014 =
  • Fix upload folder
= 2.1.7-Oct 09, 2014 =
  • Fix license
= 2.1.6-Oct 09, 2014 =
  • Licensing