• rtm_membership_success_subscription_free_message

If you want to change text You have successfully subscribed after getting a free membership and return it with a link, you can use this filter.

For example:

function custom_success_subscription_message($text)
    $text = $text."".__('BACK','rtmedia') ."";
    return $text;
add_filter('rtm_membership_success_subscription_free_message','custom_success_subscription_message',10, 1);
  • rtm_membership_plans_text

By default, the addon displays the text rtMedia Membership Plan under user profile:

If you want to change this title then you can use this filter.

function filter_to_change_profile_membership_plans_title($text){
    $text = "New Membership Plan Title";
    return $text;
add_filter('rtm_membership_plans_text', 'filter_to_change_profile_membership_plans_title');
  • rtm_membership_subscription_disable

Membership plan has five types of subscriptions like Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Yearly and Lifetime.

We can use this filter to hide specific subscriptions for Membership plans.

if ( ! function_exists( 'rtm_membership_subscription_disable_parameter' ) ) {
    function rtm_membership_subscription_disable_parameter( $disable_subscription = array() ) {
        // Add subscriptions to be removed.
        $disable_subscription = array( 'daily', 'weekly' );
        return $disable_subscription;
    add_filter( 'rtm_membership_subscription_disable', 'rtm_membership_subscription_disable_parameter' );

Please check below attachment for batter understanding. Here, as we have removed 'daily' and 'weekly' subscriptions hence it won’t be included on membership page.

  • rtm_membership_no_plan_subscribed_message

If you want to change text You are not subscribed to any plan for uploading/attaching media. Please subscribe here., you can use this filter.

For example:

function change_rtm_membership_no_plan_subscribed_message() {
	$message = esc_html_e( 'Your Message HERE', 'buddypress-media' );
	return $message;
add_filter( 'rtm_membership_no_plan_subscribed_message', 'change_rtm_membership_no_plan_subscribed_message', 999 );