rtMedia Docs and Other files

Enable users to upload and view documents files (pdf, doc, txt) in a lightbox on your website itself.
This addon also allows users to upload files of almost any type, including the ones supported by WordPress. User uploads of all file types are enabled across all upload locations, including the Activity feed, Posts & Pages and the rtMedia Anywhere Uploader shortcode.


Enabling docs and other file types

Enable docs and other files settings page

Go to rtMedia Settings > Types > Document to enable your users to upload and view document type files (txt, doc, docx, xls, xlsx, ppt, pptx, pdf, xps, pages). You can also enable all other file types by first enabling the Other option, and then typing the file extensions separate by commas in the File Extensions text box.

  1. if you want to add example.txt file then add only txt
  2. if you want to add example.tar.gz file then add only gz
  3. if you want to add example.abcd.efgh.ijk file then add only ijk

Enable table-style list and docs preview


  1. Under the Media tab in every user’s profile, rtMedia will display all uploaded document files to the Documents tab and all other files under the Others tab. Select the Display documents and other files in tab style setting to enable display in a tabular form, instead of the regular thumbnail view.
  2. This addon can also enable document previews within a lightbox, so users can easily read or view documents without leaving your website. Select the Enable Google Docs for documents and files to enable this feature. Enabling this option does not require a Google log-in/authentication of any kind on the users/your part.


Upload almost any file type

This addon supports all the file types supported by WordPress, in addition to almost any other file type. This is perfect for projects that require support for little-known or custom file types.

If your website requires support for multiple audio/video services, you should consider using our Transcoder service along with this addon.

Document & file organization

Every user’s document and miscellaneous files are neatly organized under the Documents and Others tabs under the Media tab in their profile.
You can choose to display these files either as thumbnails or in a tabular form.

Docs addon docs and other tabs screenshot

If you are looking to add direct download buttons to audio, video, picture, document or miscellaneous files, check out our direct download addon.

Directly view documents

We have integrated Google Docs into the plugin to enable your users to easily view any uploaded documents without needing to leave your website. Enabling this option does not require a Google log-in/authentication of any kind on the users/your part.

When enabled, any supported document file will be opened in a lightbox for easy viewing.


Note: This addon will Google Doc View by default to display docs on your website. If you want to change the default docs viewer, please use this filter to do so.

Upload from anywhere

You users will be able to support all file types from any upload location supported by rtMedia- including the Activity feed, Media gallery or Anywhere uploader.

When admin enables Document media type option, a new tab – Document – will be added, along with the other media types, as shown.