The Future of BuddyPress Media: Lighter, Faster 3.0 with more features

Users of BuddyPress Media have long desired a lot of features that we’ve been putting off, because logically, a lot of these should come from BuddyPress or better still, WordPress. Those who follow WordPress development, would know that work for 3.6 is going on at a frantic pace.

WordPress 3.6 is good news for BuddyPress Media

WordPress 3.6 enhances media management by leaps and bounds. For example, MediaElement.js will now play audio and video, by default! This is the same library that we have been using in BuddyPress Media for the audio and video players.

In addition, WordPress will process ID3 tags like cover art, song length, artist, album, song title, genre, codec, etc. For this, again they use the same library (getID3) that BuddyPress Media has been using all this while.

A trimmer BuddyPress Media


WordPress 3.5 + MediaElement.js + getID3 = WordPress 3.6
BuddyPress Media 2.8 – MediaElement.js – getID3 = BuddyPress Media 3.0

Also, the code that utilises these libraries will also come from the core, so we’ll lose more weight!

Richer Media Processing and Playback

With getID3, features that have been pending for BuddyPress Media will get added smoothly and easily. You’d be able to get richer information about the media that is uploaded. For eg, the default drab thumbnails of the music you upload will now have cover art. Plus, details like the artists’ names, album etc will also show up! The player would load faster and will have less bugs, since now it comes straight from the core.

More time for rich UI and advanced features

The BuddyPress Media team at rtCamp will be able to devote less time on this core functionality. And, spend more time and effort at developing a better UI and advanced features.

Also, better premium addons are in the offing. This will satisfy the needs of enterprise and commercial implementations of BuddyPress Media. The photo tagging add-on is under rapid development.

We asked for your opinion through a brief survey on a video encoding service. Development has commenced and we shall be making more announcements, soon.

Community thrives on contributions

BuddyPress Media is an open source project for the benefit of the community. You should contribute to it too. You need not be a developer, although if you are one, head over to the GitHub repo to fork and start the fun!

Links: Download BuddyPress Media | Demo | Support | GitHub Issue Tracker