rtMedia Version 4.5.0 has Some New & Exciting Features!

The month of June has been exciting as well as hectic for the rtMedia team. As the GDPR policy has been accepted globally so has our plugin. We have added some new and exciting features to this plugin. Some bugs, too have been fixed. So in all, we have a better version of rtMedia out for you.

A Premium addon is now a part of rtMedia core!

We are very excited to inform you that rtMedia Upload Terms will now be a part of rtMedia Core. This addon was initially available as a premium addon i.e. you needed to pay for this but now it’s free. For more details, you can check here.

What’s more?

As per the GDPR policy, the site admin can now erase/export personal data of the users (on request) from the rtMedia enabled website along with the WordPress data.


We have also added a new functionality where you can import/ export the admin settings of rtMedia.


Apart from this, the admin can set a privacy notice (optional) to the users. With this, we have added a filter which changes the background color, text color and position of the privacy message strip. 

Check out the full Changelog

Version 4.5.0 [June 19, 2018]

New Features

  • Updated BuddyPress templates for [version 3.0.0].
  • Added functionality to Import/Export rtMedia admin settings [Doc].
  • Integrated with new personal data Erase/Export tools in WordPress 4.9.6 [Doc].
  • Added upload terms premium feature to rtMedia core with this version [Doc].
  • Added admin setting to show optional privacy notice to users [Doc].
  • Added filter to change the background color, text color and position of privacy message strip [Doc].
  • Added rtMedia specific privacy information for a site’s privacy policy.
  • Removed affiliate support with this version.
  • Added filter to change the position of group media tab [Doc].
  • Added filter to modify the text of Media tab [Doc].


  • Improved performance by adding a conditional check before enqueuing scripts and styles. [Issue]


  • PHP notice and warnings.
  • Fix an issue while WordPress user deletion on multi-site setup.
  • Load more button issue under the Music tab. [Issue]

How do I Update?

Update rtMedia Core from the WordPress backend as usual. You can also download a zip file from the WordPress plugin directory to update manually.

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