BuddyPress Media is translator ready

Note: BuddyPress Media is now called rtMedia.

We received so many requests for making BuddyPress Media translation ready; that it seems communities all over the world want to use this powerful plugin for building their social community website.

Recently, we started exploring GlotPress, thanks to a suggestion by our user OC2PS. GlotPress is buit for translating a plugin/software into multiple languages. It’s simple and extremely easy to use.

Here are 5 simple steps, which will help you to translate BuddyPress Media into the language of your choice:

  1. Sign In/Register to our website here: https://rtmedia.io/wp-signup.php
  2. Select BuddyPress Media (as a project) & the language in which you wish to translate the website.

    Selection of language
    Selection of language
  3. Next, simply double click on the string you wish to translate.

    Selection of string/phrase
    Selection of string/phrase
  4. On submitting each string, you will automatically get directed to the next string.

    Submitting a translated string of a plugin on glotpress project.
    Submitting a translated string
  5. Happy translations & a big thank you. Once all the strings are translated & checked by us, we will release the updated version of the plugin with your credits.

Note: Some strings within the plugin may contain special characters like “%1$s” “%s”, kindly copy the entire string and paste it in the translation box below. Now translate the words inside this special characters (without changing the special characters). The special characters will be anticipated by our code 🙂

Translating strings with special characters
Translating strings with special characters

Links: rtMedia Translation Project

8 responses to “BuddyPress Media is translator ready”

  1. Hi,
    Can’t see Russian language in the list of rtMedia translations.
    If you could add it I would be happy to do the translation.
    Very good plugin BTW 🙂