rtMedia PRO v1.4 with CubePoints, myCRED Integration and Album Privacy

Today’s weekly release, rtMedia PRO v1.4, comes with two new features.

Integration with CubePoints and myCRED

Using CubePoints or myCRED, site admins can reward users with virtual points for different rtMedia activities. Below is list of activity currently supported:

  1. Upload image
  2. Upload video
  3. Upload music
  4. Create album
  5. Create playlist
  6. Rate media
  7. Like media
  8. Download media
  9. View media
  10. Edit media
  11. Edit album
  12. Delete media (you can add negative point for this)
  13. Report-abuse on media
  14. Set as album cover
  15. Set as featured image
  16. Add media comment

If any action of your choice is missing, just let us know and we will try to add it in next week’s release.


CubePoints is a point management system for sites running on WordPress.

Using Configure tab in CubePoints, site administrators can set the points for media activities.



myCRED is an adaptive points management system that awards users for interacting. It is relatively new to Cubepoints but very matured and reapidly developed.

In myCRED Hooks, site administrators can set the points for media activities.


Album Privacy

Users can choose Album Privacy Settings.

If the album is set to private, media uploaded to that album becomes private by default.

Users can set privacy while creating new album or change it while editing the album.

Album Privacy Settings

Pricing and upgrades

Based on our progressive pricing policy, rtMedia PRO can now be bought for $89.

Existing customers can visit “WordPress dashboard >> Updates” page for automatic update. Its already there!

Note: The final major release will cost $149, and you will get to upgrade for free for a year. After that, upgrades will be available for just 50% of the original price you pay.

Links: Purchase rtMedia PRO | Subscribe to rtMedia updates