rtMedia PRO v1.2 with Report Abuse (Moderation) and Download buttons

With this week’s release, rtMedia PRO comes with two new features.

Report button, plus moderation tools

With moderation enabled from the backend, users will see a ‘Report’ button for uploaded media items to alert administrators of abuse. On clicking this button, administrators are notified by email.

A backend setting lets administrators decide how many abuse reports cause media items to be removed.

Download button for media

When this feature is enabled from the backend, each uploaded media item comes with a ‘Download’ button.

Pricing and upgrades

Going by our progressive pricing policy, rtMedia PRO is now available for purchase for $69.

Note: The final major release will cost $149, and you get to upgrade for free for one year! After that, upgrades will be available for 50% of the original price you pay.

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