rtMedia PRO v1.1 with upload size limit, set profile pic and more

rtMedia PRO has just had a new weekly release with five added features.

1. Limit upload size per file

A restriction can be set to prevent users from uploading files greater than a set size.

Under rtMedia→Settings→Types, a setting titled ‘Upload Limit(MB)’ is provided against each media type.

Upload file size limit under settings.

An error message is displayed if an attempt is made to upload files that exceed the size limit.

Error message if upload size limit is exceeded.

2. Disable ‘Create Album’ feature

On each users media page, there is a ‘Create New Album’ button by default.

This feature can be switched off from rtMedia→Settings→General.

Switch off "Create New Album" button.

Create New Album button.

3. Limit number of albums

Set an upper limit on the number of albums a user can create from rtMedia→Settings→General.

Limit number of albums per user.

4. Set any picture as album cover

Click on any picture to open it, and then click the ‘Set as Album Cover’.

Set as Album Cover or Profile Pic

5. Set any picture as profile picture

Click on any picture to open it, and then click the ‘Set as Profile Pic’ button, as indicated in the screenshot above.

Pricing and upgrades

Following our progressive pricing policy, rtMedia PRO is now available for purchase for $59.

That’s a cool deal to grab, considering that the final major release will cost $149, and you get to upgrade for free for one year!

After a year, upgrades will be available for 50% of the original price you pay.

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2 responses to “rtMedia PRO v1.1 with upload size limit, set profile pic and more”

  1. Limit upload size per file. On the first image you show on here it shows the feature to increase the MB limit.: “Upload Limit (MB)” However in my plug in installed on wordpress it doesn’t show such feature. For any of the media photos, video, or audio. Could someone please let me know how I could be able to change the limit size? Because for some reason when members of my website try to upload files they can only upload 7MB. But I wish to increase such limits.

    Thank you.