rtMedia PRO is now available for download

Update note: rtMedia Pro converted into product bundle. It contain now 30+ addons. Read more here. The cost is also revised. Cost mentioned in this blog post is not applicable

rtMedia PRO has just been released and is available for download for $49.

rtMedia Pro

rtMedia PRO is an add-on built on top of the long-established rtMedia Core. It comes with added features and one-to-one support.

The PRO features

Sidebar widgets

Two sidebar widgets are made available, one for a gallery and another for an uploader.

Gallery widget

As an admin, you can set up a media gallery to appear on any of your sidebars.

The galllery widget options are:

  1. Dropdown to choose the widget type for the media to display: Most Rated Media, Recent Media or Popular Media.
  2. A text input field to enter a custom title.
  3. Ability to set number of media items to display in the gallery.
  4. Checkboxes to select types of media to show: All, Photos, Music and Videos.
  5. Ability to set thumbnail size. If none is set, the default of 90px by 90px will be used.

Your gallery will show up on the front end with up to four tabs that you can opt for: ‘All’, ‘Photos’, ‘Music’ and ‘Videos’.

rtMedia sidebar gallery on front end.
‘Most Recent Media’ gallery on front end.
Sidebar gallery widget
Gallery sidebar widget.

Note that you can have several galleries in a single sidebar.

Uploader widget

As an admin, you can include an uploader in a sidebar too. You can enforce uploads to go to a specific album, or let users choose their own albums. Similarly, privacy can either be enforced or left to the users to set.

Uploader widget on the front end.
Uploader on the front end.
rtMedia Pro uploader widget
Uploader widget settings.

Note that you can have several uploaders in the same sidebar.

Shortcode generator in post editing area

Traditionally, rtMedia users have had to write their own shortcode in post editing areas to include a gallery or an uploader.

With rtMedia PRO, a simple user interface allows you to generate your own shortcode based on the options you input!

rtMedia Pro shortcode generator
Click on the shortcode generator icon in the post editing area…
rtMedia Pro shortcode generator popup
…and a shortcode generator pops up.

Using the above inputs, the shortcode generated will be:

[[rtmedia_gallery context=post context_id=1 author_id=1]]

Ratings for uploaded media

Every media element can be rated by users by clicking on up to five stars. Just below each media element, you will find the average of ratings given by users, and the rating given by you – the currently logged in user.

rtMedia Pro rating
The star rating feature for media items.

Enable/disable ‘Like’ and Ratings feature for media

It’s easy to enable or disable the ‘Like’ button, or the ratings features for media uploaded by users.

Just flip the relevant switch under rtMedia→Settings and you’re done.

Switches are provided to enable/disable the ‘Like’ and ratings features for media.
Switches are provided to enable/disable the ‘Like’ and ratings features for media.

Adding multiple global albums

With rtMedia PRO, you can add multiple global albums and set one of them as the default.

rtMedia Pro global album
Choose a default from global albums.

One-to-one direct support

If you face any issues while using rtMedia PRO on your site, our diligent team of developers will leave no stone unturned until everything is running smoothly.

In fact, as a premium user you don’t even need to leave your WordPress dashboard to obtain support.

Simply use the form provided on the rtMedia→Support page and let us know how we can help you.

Direct access to source code

Are you a developer? rtMedia PRO will surely be fun – you’ll get complete control over rtMedia PRO’s source code, just like you would on GitHub.

This includes forking, pull requests, issue tracker, project wiki, code snippets (gist) and more.

Pricing and future upgrades

The starting price of rtMedia PRO is $49, and with every release the price will increase by $10. The targeted price is $149.

For the first year, rtMedia PRO buyers will get free upgrades. After that, upgrades will be available for 50% of your original price. All upgrades will be optional.

Links: Purchase rtMedia PRO | Subscribe to rtMedia updates

2 responses to “rtMedia PRO is now available for download”

  1. This rtMedia Pro is different from the addons? I mean, with rtMedia Pro I get the funcionality of all the addons or do I need to buy it one by one?

    • rtMedia Pro is among the add-ons, designed to enhance the core plugin.

      The Pro features are described in this article. If you need the functions of other add-ons, like Instagram effects or photo tagging, you’ll need to buy the relevant add-ons separately.

      All the add-ons are listed under the section ‘Extend with Add-ons’ on this page: https://rtmedia.io/rtmedia/