rtMedia-PRO 2.0 with custom thumbnails, group-level media control and more feature

Today we are releasing much awaited rtMedia-PRO version 2.0 with many new features, bug fixes and admin-UI overhaul.

New Features

We have added many new features. Some of them are explained below.

Custom thumbnail support

Now user can assign custom thumbnail for “Playlist”, “Music”, “Video”, “Document”, “Other” Media Types. An option is provided in the Media Edit screen to upload your custom thumbnail.


For videos, we still recommend using our free audio/video encoding service, which automatically generate image thumbnails for uploaded video. It works with mp4 videos also, which doesn’t require any encoding.

BuddyPress group-level enable/disable media

This feature provides an options to enable/disable media support at group-levels.

Under Group Admin tab, go to Media settings to turn on/off media for that group.

per group media setting

During group creation wizard, you will get an option to enable/disable media feature, which can be changed later on by following above step.

Who liked the media!

This is enhancement to existing “like” feature.

Earlier, you were able to see just the number of “likes” on a specific media, but now you can also see who liked a particular media item.

See who like this Media

Just click on the “people like this” link and a list of users who liked the media will be displayed.

List of people who liked the media

Playlist-style display for music listing

Many users liked our playlist feature and wanted to show music-listing in playlist formats.

We have now added an option to  you can Show a music player just like the one we have for Playlists on the Music Tab.

Playlist-Style Display Setting

Just enable the option from the rtMedia Settings > General > Playlist View for Music Tab and you are good to go.

playlist view for music tab

Media options in media gallery view

When you are on your own Profile, you can now see “Edit” and “Delete” options when you hover on any Media.

These acts like quick links for “Edit” and “Delete” operations.

Media options on gallery view

Pricing, Roadmap, etc


With this release, rtMedia-PRO will be priced at USD 149. This will remain final price. Atleast it won’t rise further for long time (may be a year or two).

Existing rtMedia-PRO users no need to worry about this pricing. They will get this and many more updates free till 1-year from date of your original purchase.

Monthly Release Cycle

We gave initial 5-6 releases for rtMedia-PRO on weekly basis. Later on releases were delayed by a week or two.

Going ahead, we are planning a main release every month. We might ship some bug fixing releases in between but rest-assured every month rtMedia-PRO will get new features to make it worth it’s price tag.

Our developer team is spending a lot of time in free support requests which is making meeting weekly release goal very tough. On side note, we are planning to stop giving free support at all and reduce price of rtMedia-PRO to make it affordable to wider audience.


We have received many feature requests from so many users via multiple channels (email, free support forum, premium support, etc). We will try to club them together and fulfill most important one with higher priority.

If there is any feature on your wish-list, please let us know so that we can add it to rtMedia-PRO in upcoming releases. You can simply post a comment here. We will be setting up a feature request tracker soon but rest-assured, your feedback in any way won’t get ignored.

We will release rough roadmap for next few releases soon. 🙂

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to drop a comment below or use our free support forum.

Links: Buy rtMedia-PRO | Download Update | Support Forum