The 5 best rtMedia features for community websites

Is your community website powered by BuddyPress? Then, you should be using rtMedia on your site. 😛 rtMedia can help improve the usability and functionality of your site by enabling some of the much-needed community features on your website.

rtMedia is also a powerful media management plugin for BuddyPress. But hey, there’s more to it than that. Here are some of the best features of rtMedia that can help take your BuddyPress community site to the next level.

Media Support 👀

BuddyPress doesn’t come with media support out of the box. That’s quite disappointing for people who rely on BuddyPress for managing their community websites.

A good community website must allow people to share media directly on their site without forcing them to rely on a third-party media hosting site.  This can provide them with good user experience on your site and reduce the risk of other members getting infected by clicking on unknown links.

Images and videos can make your website attractive and increase user engagement on your site. And with vlogging and podcasting rising in popularity nowadays, you can take advantage of it while it’s still in the growing stages. This might encourage more people to keep coming back to your site for consuming more information.

SEO Integration 🔍

Search engine optimization is an important part of growing your website. And as community websites, organic page views and reach matters a lot. Good SEO can boost your site rankings while doing nothing might leave you crawling on the last page of Google. You should allow Google to index your media files as it can significantly increase the number of clicks from search engine results to your website. 📈

rtMedia can integrate with Yoast SEO and output your BuddyPress media files along with your existing Yoast SEO sitemaps. You can find the integrated sitemaps under sitemap_index.xml.

Media Moderation ❌✔️

One of the major problems faced by community website owners and moderators is that people share media files that go against the community rules. This includes copyrighted images, videos, and audio tracks.

Also, members can sometimes share content which targets some person or spreads hate online.

You can now allow people to report the media and take them down automatically. This will definitely save you a lot of time and effort as you needn’t spend time reviewing each reported media file manually. rtMedia can help you take them down automatically after it reaches a specific number of reports from your users.

myCred Integration 💯

myCred is a popular ‘points management’ plugin for WordPress. It allows you to gamify actions on your website and increases the user interaction in return for virtual points and a spot in the leaderboard.

rtMedia can help you integrate myCred with your community website easily. Using this integration, you can award virtual points for various user activities like uploading media, creating albums, liking content, and more.

rtMedia Likes 👍

People like being appreciated for their work all the time. Likewise, they also feel good when someone likes the content they have shared on a community website. Remember how popular Facebook’s like feature is?

It’s for the same reason.

You can now allow your community members to show their appreciation for what other people are sharing on your website by allowing them to leave a ‘like’. They can also view the list of people who have liked the same media and they can follow them if they share the same interests.

Bonus rtMedia Feature – Photo Tagging 😃

Help your community members build a strong relationship online whenever they share photos of people who also happen to be fellow community members on your site. Tagging people on their photos can help others understand the relationship between them and relate more to the caption.

It might also help search engine bots discover more pages on your site and understand if and how two or more people are related.

Get rtMedia Now 🥳

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Need more information? Check out all the rtMedia features below 👇