rtMedia Core version 4.2 is here

rtMedia version 4.2 is now available to download from WordPress plugin directory or from your website dashboard. It adds the following features to your community website:

Album media count

One of the many UX tweaks that this version brings is the media count display on Media Gallery Albums.


Site-wide @mentions

The BuddyPress “@mention” feature supported has been added to lightboxes and single media pages. This should make conversation between your users much more natural.


Single media page navigation

Navigating through single page media is now possible with the new “Previous” / “Next” navigation links.


Version 4.2 also brings additional customizability through the power of WordPress hooks. Check out some of these hooks in the docs attached to the changelog below.

rtMedia v4.2 [Nov 17, 2016] – Changelog


  • Albums will now display media count by default
  • “@mentions” in comments added to lightbox and single media page
  • Added “Previous” / “Next” navigation links to single media page


  • rtMedia “Support” tab improvements- Attach a screenshot while submitting a support ticket, Debug Info can now be downloaded as a .txt file
  • Added: “Show more comments” link on media pop-up (lightbox) and single media page
  • Added: Action to target area below media comments in lightbox or single media page [Doc]
  • Added: Filter to add extra component to comments [Doc]
  • Added: Filter to disallow blank text field while uploading media in Activity [Doc]
  • Added: Filter to modify “Options” & “Upload” labels in Media Gallery [Doc]


  • After uploading media, the Upload panel will now collapse
  • Incorrect pagination text display in Media tab
  • “posted an update” string not getting translated in Activity feed for posts with attached media. Added translation support for all “rtmedia_update” Activity type
  • Duplicate activity generation when “Post Update” is clicked multiple times
  • Singular/plural form of “n people liked this” string
  • BuddyPress Group Media tab not displaying in Beta version 2.7.2
  • Media description not saving properly when uploading multiple media
  • Link to comment in WordPress backend not leading back to comment
  • Video popup UI for vertical videos
  • CSS-related responsive video layout issue
  • Fixed broken “Import media sizes” anchor link in admin notice
  • Fixed “Activate License” event bug in License tab
  • Lightbox privacy symbol alignment issue

Compatibility with our Premium Addons

All our premium addons & themes have been tested with rtMedia Core version 4.2. If you find any issues or have doubts, please reach out to our support team via our support channels.

Links: Download | Support | Demo