rtMedia core release June 2019

We have had a new release rtMedia Core – v4.5.7. This release comes with newly introduced filters and bug fixes out of which some were suggested by our customer and community.

What is new in v4.5.7?

One of our customers had requested if we can change the order of the media being displayed on the activity page. As by default, it shows text followed by media(s). So now you can re-order them using the newly introduced filter. Check out the filter here.

We added one more filter to remove the upload button from the activity text area without having effects on other places. Visit this link to see the complete filter.

Other than adding new features, we have fixed:

  • Duplicate media comment issue on the activity page.
  • Multiple uploads for a non-admin role issue.
  • Twenty Seventeen theme specific issue with direct uploads.
  • Lightbox and Import/Export button issue with Firefox browser.

We have also fixed some minor UI issues and other errors, notices and warning.

Check out the full Changelog

Version 4.5.7 [June 12, 2019]


  • Add new filter to remove the media upload button from the activity Doc
  • Add new filter to change the order of the media and text on the activity page Doc


  • Duplicate media comment issue on Activity page
  • Add title attribute for Media Likes
  • Improve UI of Media Page title
  • Issue of entering text in text area when Direct Upload and Upload terms enabled together
  • UI of pagination button height and text field
  • Export/Import button issue in Firefox browser
  • Issue of direct upload and media was not opening in lightbox with TwentySeventeen theme v2.1
  • Empty space issue for generated activity when media is uploaded without adding text
  • Other Errors, Warnings and notices
  • Group Activity media are not shown in Group Media tab with BuddyPress Nouveau Template
  • User’s name autosuggestion
  • Issue with multiple file upload from activity with non admin user account

How do I Update?

Update rtMedia Core from the WordPress backend as usual. You can also download a zip file from the WordPress plugin directory to update manually.

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