rtMedia Core release and updates for January 2019

Our latest release, rtMedia 4.5.5, came out this month. We have also released rtAmazon S3 and rtMedia 5 Star Ratings add-ons. Let’s check out the outlines.

rtMedia Core

rtMedia is released with a few visual enhancements. We have also improved the search feature, media upload fixes for BuddyPress activity, Uploader Shortcode, and BuddyPress Public messages.

Check out the full changelog below

Version 4.5.5, January 22, 2019


  • Gallery Media search with space in media name.
  • Add Friend button on media tab and UI fixes.
  • Masonry UI disorder for media with thumbnail.
  • UI issues in lightbox view of single media.
  • Anchor tag issue for activity generated after adding media.
  • Media upload issue on posting public messages.
  • UI for Member name in media tab.
  • Issue with redirect attribute value in uploader shortcode.
  • Issue with posting activity updates when terms and conditions is enabled.
  • Issue with upload terms when sidebar widget is active on activity page.
  • Issue with ‘rtmedia_no_media_found_message_filter’ functionality.

rtAmazon S3

With rtAmazon S3 plugin, uploads all your WordPress media library attachments to Amazon S3 bucket and once uploaded one of the customers was facing issue editing it. We have added enhancement to allow edit operation to already uploaded image. Apart from this, we have fixed issue with uploaded media when the S3 bucket needs to be changed.

Check out the full changelog below

Version 1.6.2, January 9, 2019


  • Allow edit operation to an image which is uploaded to S3 from WordPress media library


  • Issue with uploaded media while changing the S3 bucket
  • Minor bugs
  • Warnings and notices

rtMedia 5 Star Ratings

This release fixes, UI issue related to the album rating, functionality issue for the reset rating operation and behavioral issue with the default rating settings.

Check out the full changelog below

Version 1.2.5, January 2, 2019


  • Default settings of ratings
  • Reset functionality issue of ratings
  • Broken UI for album ratings

How do I update?

Update rtMedia Core from the WordPress backend like usual. You can also download the zip files from the WordPress plugin directory to manually update them.

Update any rtMedia addon from the WordPress backend on a website that has an active license key. Alternatively, you can download the latest zip file from Account Page.

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