rtMedia 3.0.13 is out, with an important feature

rtMedia 3.0.13 has just been released with an important new feature.

The Anywhere Uploader comes with an additional attribute that redirects your page:

[[rtmedia_uploader redirect="true"]]

Redirection takes place in two ways:

  • If one media element is uploaded, redirection takes users to the media element’s page.
  • If multiple media elements are uploaded in quick succession, redirection takes users to the gallery page.

If you wish to fall back to the previous behavior, simply edit the uploader shortcode to remove the attribute redirect="true"

Thank you, Henry Wright, for sponsoring this feature! We appreciate your second sponsorship for rtMedia, after the first one on featured media support.

You can connect with Henry on twitter or head to his about.me page to express your gratitude.

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