rtMedia 3.8 released with new UI changes


Today we have released rtMedia 3.8. This version is a major milestone release with major UI changes. This is why a couple of weeks ago we released rtMedia 3.8 beta version.

You will get an prompt to update to ver 3.8 over the next couple of days. The plugin has already been released on the WordPress repo.

So lets go over what changes we made with rtMedia 3.8

What changes with rtMedia 3.8

  • Direct media upload in activity and media gallery. There is a settings option to enable/disable this.
  • Removed Foundation framework
  • Revamped rtMedia admin Settings and sidebar sections
  • Updated BuddyPress activity post box structure – added thumbnail preview during media upload
  • Updated Lightbox structure and styles
  • Changed sidebar gallery widget
  • Masonry styles changed
  • Changed gallery styles and tab structure
  • Removed font-awesome in favor of WordPress dashicon
  • Added Grunt Environment for both backend and frontend
  • Added minified version for CSS and JS

Why the change?

Since rtMedia was created many years ago, we had made certain choices that might have seemed better back then but are not needed anymore. We wanted to reduce our coding footprint and also stay upto date with latest conventions in line with BuddyPress 2.3, which will be releasing soon in the future.

This will allow greater compatibility and free up more time for our developers to product better and more sophisticated products and features.

For Premium Users

You might be using one of our Premium add-ons that work with rtMedia. Upgrading to rtMedia 3.8 will not affect your premium add-ons in any way. They are all compatible with rtMedia 3.8 and its new changes we brought about. In case you do have any issues, you can also contact raise a ticket with our support team.

Links: rtMedia 3.8 | Documentation | Support