rtMedia 3.4 with Simplified Group Privacy

From last few months, we are focusing on simplifying existing features in rtMedia.

Last release had simplified UI for lightbox and Uploader. Today, we have attempted to simplify privacy for groups.

BuddyPress Groups already have 3 kinds of visibility controls – public, private and hidden. rtMedia uploader for BuddyPress Groups component had a privacy dropdown which turned out to be confusing and counterintuitive for many users.

While media inside a BuddyPress group always followed privacy for that group, we used privacy dropdown value to filter group uploads on respective users media tab! This lead to a side-effect where a user uploaded something to private group, but because rtMedia privacy dropdown value was set to public (default), uploaded files were accessible to everybody from user > profile > media tab.

rtmedia group upload privacy

Summary of changes

  1. rtMedia Uploader in BuddyPress Group do not have separate privacy dropdown anymore.
  2. Group uploads are not shown on  user > profile > media tab. We feel group uploads should be accessible from group’s media tab only. Inspired by WYSIWYG, we call this design pattern WYUIWYS (Where You Upload Is Where You See).
  3. Shortcode API has been tweaked to not include group uploads implicitly in global context.


We thank our user colabsadmin for reporting and providing valuable feedback on this issue/feature.


We hope this release won’t break anything on your end. If you run into issues, please use our free support forum.

Links: Upgrade to rtMedia 3.4 | Support Forum